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PROJECT13D.COM -  Will media get busted taking Mortgage bribes to lie on Trump?

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Fraudulent Foreclosure

Exposes Brazen Mortgage & Foreclosure Fraud, Chicago Title, Judges,
Attorneys & Fidelity National Financial& America's Biggest


Take the RATS
CHALLENGE Friends....
Get copies of your
mortgage documents.....

Go to court house recorder of deeds, mortgage company & title company compare all the documents with the ones you have.

If you didn't get mortgage documents when you got the loan get whatever you can.

Compare them. Ask for settlement checks check dates in comparison to settlement date & closing.
Did you see a notary?

Is it the person whose name is on mortgage documents.

If you didn't then whose is this?

Who appraised home? was it inflated?

Was the mortgage filed timely within 5 days or several months later at recorder.

If you see problems you must act.

Get original
loan application whose was the person who wrote your info?

Are there debts & bill accts on HUD statements & settlement documents that aren't yours.

What title company name is on documents?

Were there pass thru certificates involved. These are what mortgage are bundled as pertaining to year & company that originated loan. Argent pass thru certificates series W1 2003. (example)
Go to Moody investors see when this happened.

Are there fraudulent assignments of mortgages filed at recorder with ROBO signers.

You tube has video on ROBO signers.
Educate yourself.

Did you have an inflated escrow shortage after sheriff

Escrow is taxes & insurance only.

Check into this especially if home foreclosed.

Again this is just a few tips

 Web of corruption
See the clown
giving the kid the balloon!

This mortgage & foreclosures
fraud is just as subtle.

Folks assume things are above board. Yes there's the honest guys out there, but then there's the nasty ones. Why didn't folks realize that the title company is the last set of eyes on mortgage documents.
This network
has been going on since 1990's.

These type of loans where folks pay tons of interest were un heard of until 1989.
Law firms & crooked lenders were launched like vultures to steal the American dream.  Ever loan good, bad or ugly has documents that show HUD, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.

Where did crooks get paper work to fool folks things were   legit? Take a guess!

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