PROJECT13D.COM -  Will media get busted taking Mortgage bribes to lie on Trump?

Many people do believe that many of these fraudsters who made lots of money cheating customers will finally be brought to justice.
Project13d has a new system designed to assist anyone who has owned a home past or present or making payments on a home.  Although you have never had any issues making your payment or maybe you had your home falsely foreclosed on.
What if you discovered you had been cheated or paying more than you should in payments because of mortgage fraud committed by the lender, the realtor, title agent at title company?  What would you do about it?
First what type of loan is it?
FHA, VA, Conventional, Adjustable rate, Fixed, Reverse
Mortgage? Most believe that their loan is fine only because they have no issue with the mortgage company or loan servicer.
Most folks have never requested to get a full certified set of these loan/closing documents from the lender/servicer/title company and files from the recorder of deeds office at the court house.
What if you discovered that none of the documents matched from one to the next.
What if you discovered multiple loan applications dated the same day as your loan closed?
What if you never saw a notary, yet a name appears on key mortgage loan documents?
What if the (APR) on the truth in lending is wrongly figured at a higher interest rate, & off by thousands of dollars that have been rolled into your payments.
Who actually owns your mortgage?
Did your realtor switch your sales price and forge your name on contract.
Did you get copies of settlement checks paid to others & notice the settlement sheet shows more money than you got loan for.
You notice charges on fees sheet that are associated with closing for companies that don't exisit?
Property taxes that were figured & show, deducted from your loan but never paid or sent to escrow?
You have discovered the exsistence of multiple loans taken out in your name and signatures that have been altered or falsified to make it appear in your name.
If you would like a special revised 2014 CD with information to discover if you were cheated on your mortgage loan, email Project13d thru this web site on contact page. Include your name, address, city & state, zip & phone#.
You may also mail cashiers check or money order to
P.O. Box 2062
Olathe Kansas 66051
$16.00 includes shipping & handling
delivered in 10 days
First thing is put prayer on this issue.  You will need all the help possible & Jesus & the Holy Spirit are where you go first. Ask for wisdom & decernment to get the truth.
Evil people who did this always cover for one another but will confess their sin when faced with jail or being exposed publically.
Regardless of when fraud took place you have a right to know the truth.  Seek out others who may have had loans thru these scam artist.
Once you have all the documents, make 2 sets of copies and start comparing them make notes then look at the laws in your state that govern & punish this.
Look for forgeries such as when you take a ruled line paper see if signatures or print is off. Look for mutiple documents that look similar but info is different from one to the next.
Did you go to a title company to close loan or did someone get your loan documents and notarize them without you attesting to your signature?
Look for fax numbers at the top of all documents..Red flag
Go online find mortgage calculator to figure interest rate for payments principal & interest.  Then APR
most lenders add extra couple thousand dollars falsely to keep extra money at the expense of borrower.
Did you get amorization sheet showing payments for 30 years?  Most folks never get this.
Did you pay for title insurance. This will be listed on HUD statement. Was you property insurance started days before you closed loan?
Another sign of another loan exsisting.
Folks whats going on that created the bank failures nationwide was that unsuspecting folks would get loans. 
They had no clue that the lender in many cases set up scam with title agent that you were told to report too not having a choice to pick your own closing location.
These scammers would take out multiple loans then only record the one document showing one loan in your name.
Meanwhile having millions sent to banks where money would be redistributed among crooks. 
Was the same lenders name listed on morgage assignment selling your loan to 3rd party.  When did you documents get recorded within in days or months later.
Another sign of mortgage fraud. crooks would not finalize recording mortgages leaving them open to continue theft getting bogus loans long after you begin making first mortgage payment.
Many folks had credit monitoring and loan didn't show up for 4 or 5 months.  This means crooks never reported loan and may have falsified documents to avoid alert being sent to borrower.
Title company would make fees multiple time fully aware their employees where stealing from lenders and banks.
Don't be worried there's hope & you can WIN & have victory in Jesus name.
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