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Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingram are on to Fauci's Lies

this too will be part of the Fauci Chronicles



So why would you trust a vaccine & Corona Virus test ordained

by Dr. Anthony Fauci?

You shall know the Truth & the Truth shall set you Free!

"Two strikes you're out Fauci the gigs up!"

(Dr. Marc Siegel is another "fake guy") & Fauci just look at him peering like a "devilish imp" behind President Trump.


What if you discovered this same device above was allegedly presented in 2013 for funding from the Obama Administration by Dr. Anthony Fauci to use in Africa for HIV & Malaria testing and funded by former Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

for $1.9 Billion dollars, WITH THE BACKING OF THE (W.H.O.) World Health Organization & of course Bill Gates. HRSA on HHS awards $1.9 Billion in grants for HIV/Aids care & medications 10/29/13. 

What if you found records with the names of dozens of pillars of society law makers, making laws for the masses and these numerous senators also allegedly okayed Funding in 2013 which included Senators Lindsay Graham, Roy Blunt, Patrick Lahey, Dianne Finestien, Mitch McConnell & Lisa Mulkaski for what is now being presented for COVID-19 tests in 2020?

What if you discovered that Dr. Deborah Birx stood before the American people fully aware that she had used this same product allegedly above for HIV & Malaria in Africa after Bill Gates had bought it from Alere Inc. for $43 million dollars while the Alere Inc. company was in a lawsuit for diagnostic testers giving false positives.

Dr. Deborah Birx was ordained U.S. Global Aids Health Ambassador by President Barack Obama shortly after $1.9 billion granted U.S. State Dept article. 

Complaints came in from Health & Human Services after paying out medicare & Medicaid false claims for junk tester from doctors & hospitals that were getting false readings and messing up thousands of diagnoses of patients. 

Whistleblower lawsuit filed by Amanda Wu of San Diego California. Look it up friends. (The United States of America and the states of California Colorado,etal vs. Alere San Diego, Inc, f/k/a Biosite Inc. & Alere Inc. f/k/a/ Inverness Medical Innovations) Civil case L-11-1808 in Maryland a false claims lawsuit.

To add more intrigue to the scam once you read the lawsuit and discover no other than, 


her office in Sacramento California is listed in lawsuit.

COVID TESTER has been pimped for a long time getting a new facelift adding Abbott Labs name from Alere Inc. "Point of Care" but still the same old puss. Only for HIV testing Malaria, Denunge Fever, strep & influenza never no darn Corona Virus...

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx & Bill Gates & Abbott Labs Ceo & FDA, CDC & NIH knows this to, but pull off this Hoax

without a hitch put together using well planned strategy and "TRUSTED FACES IN THE GOVERNMENT like Dr. Anthony Fauci" who'd been obscure to the masses until March 2020.

So why didn't former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius not know this when she and these "Barrons of Darkness" allegedly included this device in the HIV funding in 2013?

So how was Bill Gates able to go to Alere inc. Ceo

and remove this defective device while Alere Inc. was in a lawsuit? Is this evidence tampering?

Why did Abbott Labs Ceo Miles White knowingly put Abbott labs name on junk tester owned by Bill Gates allegedly knowing it was the same tester giving false positives that many now believe was illegally used. Then prop up it as the real deal and use it in a scheme to allegedly dupe the Federal Government HHS to fund device that they knew was allegedly faulty?

All the While HHS was in fact suing Alere Inc. for faulty results. Then Abbott labs makes deal to buy Alere in 2016 and proceeds with deal for billions of dollars in 2018 after lawsuit. 

There's no records that Bill Gates transferred or sold HIV tester to Abbott Labs in Chicago. Folks have discovered Security Exchange records for Bill Gates buying 19 million shares of Abbott Lab stocks in 2018 in anticipation of his virus roll out to cash in after he gets Dr. scammer to present tester renamed ID Now with Abbott labs name on it to President Trump & HHS for millions in funding for Corona Virus testing nationwide.

Oh, we forgot Bill Gates had been letting Abbott Labs vaccinate and experiment on folks in foreign countries he infiltrated with offers of cash to access Black Africans & India people using the poor & the voiceless as experiments like a Frankenstien labs that allegedly ended up killing folks based on reports in news stories in these counties and sterilzing whole communities to stop them from having babies, playing god but it's come to the end and the truth exposed.

Every hand in the name of Jesus is against Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and all who helped participate in this evil on the world & the people of God.

Folks you can see why Trump talked about draining the swamp... Big mistake not getting rid of swamp creatures like Fauci!!! He would have never gotten away with this had he'd been replaced folks...

What a clever way to make bank by presenting crap tester and scamming Federal Government for billions...

It appears the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing or do they? 

Why didn't President question where this Covid tester came from overnight for the invisible enemy?

So it appears Kamala Harris knew about this fake tester. What a charade and thus took a fake Covid shot before throngs of people along with Pence and Biden.

Folks saw none of you get a bandaid after shot.


Shut downs based on Covid cases only.

Since the Covid testers is allegedly a fake, then so are the results that turn the fearful into emotional messes believing the lies they've been told they have Corona Virus, while Bill Gates whose a big share holder in Abbott Labs profits from the tester buys now under the Trump Administration. 

Bill Gates played Obama and got money and pretends to be a big philantrophist but allegedly uses his cash to persuade Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC and NIH to front for him while he gives millions to charities attached to these government organizations that Bill Gates controlled for years. 

Bill Gates vaccines were probally also on stand by for the virus roll out with Moderna, Pfizer, Abbott & other Pharma companies. Warp speed alright!!!!!

Bill Gates cries yaw can't get back to normal until you get one of my nano chipped vaccines in your arm controlled by 5G. 

"Screw Bill Gates" one of our article contributors boldly said. "They really want to jack Blacks up with vaccines" said another reader. These shots will kill you said a history professor who remember the syphilis experiment on black men by CDC & Rockerfeller foundation years ago.

Another reader asks why are they seeing what appears to be gleaming drones spraying streaming crap perceived to be covid virus every day over their city.

Several folks believe that nursing home lock downs were allegedly used to experiment Covid vaccines on elderly patients thus the rash of coverups claiming Covid deaths. 

How many autopsies, hardly any & a rush to bury folks without due process to fudge numbers and cover up scheme and cause fear confusion.  

We all have the mind of Jesus Christ and Decernment and will not be deceived.  

Hydroxclorquine works folks it works lots of Doctors saved patients by using it against Corona Virus. Even lying Dr. Marc Siegel knows this too. Claimed months ago his 90 year old dad recovered after taking it.

Lots of Doctors know Dr. Fauci is a scammer sucking the wick of Bill Gates mandates for vaccines. Fauci drew a pay check while creating biological weapons for Bill Gates allegedly for years after 9-11 with funding from the Federal government starting with President George Bush. 

Check out the 2004 article of the Lens Magazine at Vanderbilt University, on Dr. Anthony Fauci & his big Pandemic Dream & he being the only hope you have to survive. 

That brings us back to past comments from readers of Project 13 D and the 9-11 scam to set up Fauci to have funding to create Eboli & HIV virus under the guise of world health allegedly aka biological weapons and get paid to do it and then double dip getting incentives allegedly from Bill Gates to turn them over to him to destroy populations in poor countries he pretends to care about with Black kids surrounding him and his wife...

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. The Bible

Fauci & Gates lost their souls years ago and turned their back on God. hell is real and if you don't repent you'll be there.

But Billions of people still fear God & Love Jesus

A partnership in hell folks.


So Why did Dr. Anthony Fauci & Dr. Birx lie about the orgins of the covid tester along with Robert Redfield and Alex Azar?  

What should happen to these folks friends for their alleged scams...Allegedly this Fake tester has been presented by Dr. Fauci two times for his buddy Bill Gates in scheme to allegedly fleece the government & shut down America in a covid scheme.

While you're wondering what your going to watch on TV these punks are planning your demise one shot at a time. So on to more info friends.....

 Strong evidence points to many sinister things that millions of people are talking about that shift the complicit willingness to continue to listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci, John Hopkins University of Heath unprofessionals, City, State & Federal Government officials, CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, crooked media and scam doctors who have lied thru their black hearts to shut down the economy, schools, businesses and the American way of life for Microsoft's Bill & Melinda Gates evil agenda.

Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingram and all of the Project 13D enlightened and the people of God are on to the scam. 

Hence the Big Lie of a second round of COVID served up on the media to drag folks further down, so they thought.. NOT THIS TIME STOOGES AT DR. FAKE FAUCI COMMAND.

What if you discovered a 'BIG FRAUD HAD OCCURRED" with the "ID NOW" DIAGNOSTIC TESTER LABELED WITH ABBOTT LABS NAME ON IT? patents discovered showing tester made by Alere 1999 owned by Bill Gates.

The same tester presented by Dr. Anthony Fauci for testing for Corona Virus/Covid-19 in April 2020 after wide spread media reports of Corona Virus outbreaks,

What if you had valuable knowledge that would alter the way you thought of what you had been told about why you must wear masks, shut down your business, work from home, social distance, stay away from family and do as your told.

What if you discovered that the very "Trojan Horse" tester rolled out had been around allegedly since 1999!

What if you discovered that this was all done to mandate a sinister agenda and scam you to the bone?

This isn't their First Rodeo,with the out right lies told by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah "no license "Birx, Alex Azar, John Hopkins Doctors in scheme, FDA, CDC, NIH, and health departments nationwide and Hospitals beholden to the scammers.

This same piece of crap was funded allegedly by the Obama Administration for $1.9 billion along with other HIV tools to use world wide and in America in 2013.

Everyone believes President Trump has heard about the scam because of all the research and video done by creditable people including Dr. Rashid Buttar and Robert Kennedy Jr. & Marcus Rogers.

There's also the threat of what folks have seen with their own eyes drones that are spraying what millions believe is Airisol Covid Virus. This is causing the air to smell foul and influence test outcomes in a bad way.  

The only way to pull this off was to put a virus out & get those of influence to push it on scam health protection. None of the professionals told folks to take vitamins zinc B12 C, A, C D3 to boost immune system. They want you sick and gone to bolster their bottom line..CONTROL of world wide population and control the money shut down stores to push the mom & pop stores out of business and leave Walmart, Amazon Target, Home Depot and chain stores open that gave Bill Gates millions in his giving pledge years ago. Look it up friends.

Hopefully Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingram will use this information to shut down the Fauci/Birx/Gates Abbott Labs scam. They have been doing a great job so far but must complete this task in Jesus name as millions of folks will not be tricked anymore.

Millions world wide are just imagining Microsofts' Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx before an international tribunal for alleged crimes against the world and God's people.

Again we know there's a virus that's harmed many but millions believe Dr. Fauci & Bill Gates and several globalist that want population control to kill off people world wide has been put in place through these schemes. Because of the media going along with the devils plan they have trusted the little gods of science who are just that complete -0- zeros and we and millions of believers only Trust in God not science. 

God created man in his image the same God of Abraham, Moses, David and Elijah the Bible, you and us. We put no trust in science only the word of the living God & the Holy Spirit & Jesus Christ.

Science is not God and never will be no matter how the evil ones who set this up want to believe this.

We, you & believers in Jesus have dominion over all things in heaven & earth in Jesus name and declare and decree in Jesus name this Corona Virus and those who bought it are cast back to the pits of hell from whence they came in Jesus name.



 Oh by the way after HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius left she was replaced by a former employee of Bill Gates that was over his Gates program for Global Development and Walmart Foundation. 

Sylvia Matthews Burwell who also worked in the Clinton Administration and was appointed by Obama. She was formerly over the office of OMB and worked for Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin.

Wow they like to keep things all in the family and close to the vest.

 Lets do a survey of how many people that are working in positions of power are connected to Bill Gates & his foundation in the Federal government? How many are part of this Covid scam that you

know of?

 Below information on Corna Virus patents Bill Gates Foundation & Abbott Labs stock charts take off after alleged planned Covid 19 out break as chart shows in November 2019...How would they predict this along with long range Covid hanging on for years.. Gallows for them!!!!