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PROJECT13D.COM -  Will media get busted taking Mortgage bribes to lie on Trump?

 Is Justice For         Sale?????

It just maybe according to several of our sources who have been monitoring several judges up for retention in Johnson County Kansas District Courts. 

Several also have major concerns about alleged deals made between legal aid attorneys that that don't go well for defendants.

One thing we do believe is that the Topeka disciplinary board protects many of the judges & attorney when complaints of misconduct and bias are reported and exposed.  This must stop!

There have also been concerns that when these judges have moving violations they are removed from the records.  In one case there was a defendant named Kelly Ann Corrigan Lovell who was accused of alleged mortgage fraud while working for First American Title as an escrow agent.   

Basically Plaintiffs discovered Ms. Lovell & two other loan officers at Exchange Bank in Junction City Kansas, Country Financial Insurance Agent, S. Pirch & two other banks were in an alleged scheme to allegedly duplicate mortgage documents to use in a fraud scheme for allegedly millions of dollars. Pirch would also be protected by Kansas Department of Insurance. Allegedly Pirch would submit different policies to loan servicer that would have different start dates for Plaintiffs policy. 

One showed a start date before plaintiffs closed on mortgage loan. One policy was missing medical coverage but appeared on another policy. Pirch would also have multiple checks for one policy sale paid by Junction City Lender Patricia Lynn Devine.  

Allegedly the Plaintiffs loan servicer had several mortgages that were sold to them by the Junction City Gang & Wintrust Mortgage unknown to Plaintiffs. After the loan servicer received mortgages operatives at this large South East Bank who bought Colonial Bank Assets from Lee Farkas fame & American Greed, had numerous sets of mortgages and loan applications Plaintiffs never signed or knew of.

Allegedly the judge in the case had Lovell's name removed so that when anyone accesses the case by a name search no records appear on Ms. Lovell even prior cases before this case was filed.  Her notary license was coming up for renewal with  Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach office.  

This is a problem with the secretary of state and the Kansas Department of Insurance when Kelly Ann Corrigan Lovell & Ann Christie both would be believed as truthful in order to cover up a major alleged criminal enterprise that operated out of Fidelity National Financial Title companies subsidiaries, Chicago Title & First American Title.  

In the case of First American Title they had so many phony mortgage documents using Plaintiffs names you could wall paper the Taja Mahal with them.  

Many folks have copies of these documents and reviewed all of them and could not imagine that this type of fraud & corruption is going on in the same town as GARMIN Corporate office.

The judge an older guy also received a interesting mortgage loan after plaintiffs dismissed their case without prejudice because of suspicions of bias and alleged corruption by the judge.  

Plaintiffs confronted the judge in court and stated that they had been told by the defendants attorneys that he had met with the defendants attorneys without the plaintiffs knowledge and had planned to rule against them.   

One of the attorneys for the defendant Patricia Lynn Devine loan officer alleged they knew they had used Plaintiffs information in fraud scheme and smirked off, so what they stole millions on a VA loan. 

Allegedly the judge also blocked numerous subpoenas that were mailed to MERS, Security Exchange Commission, Veterans Administration and other entities that could produce records to keep the case from proceeding.  He also allowed one of the attorneys to submit a false affidavit to the court that he represented MERS which was a outright lie. 

The judge allowed it. The judge never denied this allegation, but later got a home loan that was under the wrong legal description and had altered dates, but it was nevertheless a BIG LOAN on his current home.

Others who have investigated this story believe this is only going on with a handful of dishonest judges who have allegedly used their position to cheat possibly thousands of defendants and plaintiffs alike out of justice for a price. 

Whether it's a pre-loaded debit card loaded with thousands of dollars a month, steady stream of cash from attorneys who allegedly funnel money from banks to do fraudulent foreclosures fully aware this is wrong and through incentives that yield unsuspecting cash through home loans often & early without IRS scrutiny for a big cash bonus.  
                                                                                                                                                                                             Some Local Johnson County Kansas Judges may be allegedly taking bribes to rule in favor of the crooks. Stay tuned for more..........

West Virginia county judge, official indicted
August 17, 2013
By John Raby and Vicki Smith / Associated Press
 Even in southern West Virginia, where corruption is as much as a part of life as coal, people are shocked by allegations that a judge commandeered the legal system in a years long attempt to frame a romantic rival for crimes he didn't commit.
Federal prosecutors indicted Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury on two counts of conspiracy Thursday, just hours after indicting county Commissioner Dave Baisden on extortion charges. Thornsbury attorney Steve Jory declined comment, while Mr. Baisden's attorney did not return messages.
The state Supreme Court has suspended Judge Thornsbury and his law license. A replacement judge took his caseload Friday. Judge Thornsbury is set to appear in federal court in Charleston at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Meanwhile, he has been ordered to surrender his passport, give up any weapons and avoid contact with dozens of potential witnesses, including another judge, county officials, five state troopers and prominent multimillionaire industrialist James "Buck" Harless.
Judge Thornsbury and Mr. Baisden are free on $10,000 bond while awaiting trial. The indictments were painful news in a community still reeling from its sheriff's assassination in April.
"It's hard for me to believe, because I personally know the judge. I know him as a personal friend. I've been to his home. I know his kids," said Williamson pastor, the Rev. Butch Gregory.
Rev. Gregory's wife, Louise, hired Judge Thornsbury as her lawyer long before he became the county's only judge in 1997.
"As a married man, he should have known better," she said. "I don't really trust nobody out here anymore."
The indictment says Judge Thornsbury tried between 2008 and 2012 to frame Robert Woodruff for crimes including drug possession, larceny and assault. The judge had been having an affair with his secretary -- Mr. Woodruff's wife, Kim -- and sought to eliminate the competition after she tried to break things off, it says.
The schemes involved a state trooper, the county emergency services director and another man, the indictment says, but none of them panned out.
Judge Thornsbury faces as much as 20 years in prison if convicted, and a Woodruff lawyer says he can also expect a civil lawsuit. "My client should never have been placed under the stress of being charged criminally," said Charleston attorney Mike Callaghan, "nor should he have spent time in jail for crimes he did not commit. As a lawyer, I knew something was wrong. But never in my wildest dreams did I fathom the reason for the prosecution."
Meanwhile, Mr. Baisden, the county commissioner, was accused of trying to buy tires for his personal vehicle at a government discount, then terminating the county's contract with Appalachian Tire when it refused to cooperate. Mr. Baisden, 66, was released on $10,000 bond and ordered not to discuss the case with any witnesses.
In April, Mingo County's Sheriff Eugene Crum was shot twice in the head while parked in his cruiser. The suspect, Tennis Melvin Maynard, is facing first-degree murder charges.
The motive for the slaying has not been revealed.
Mingo County, a coalfields community of about 27,000 people on the state's southern border with Kentucky, has a long history of violence and government corruption.
It's the home of the legendary feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families, and was dubbed "Bloody Mingo" when unionizing miners battled security agents and coal companies in the early 20th century.
"The people of Mingo County are long overdue deliverance from the evils of government corruption," said Pittsburgh attorney Bruce Stanley, a native who has filed cases in Judge Thornsbury's court.
"After multiple generations of scandals, is it any wonder that southern West Virginia fatalism is so firmly entrenched? Why should they place faith in anyone who claims to be a community leader?"
Makes you wonder if he did any foreclosures?
After reading this story and reflecting back on RATS, it's possible how corrupt attorneys and judges have gone.
When Attorney Richard Roe who played a role in this allowed others to secretly sign their names to borrowers mortgage documents he received from Chicago Title. Customer had no idea others were signing their loan documents and were never given copies.
Chicago Title notary Ann Christie states seeing 5 people on June 2 to notarize mortgage documents. Yet Richard Roe produces a memo dated June 4 requesting copies of customers mortgage documents to get his clients to sign at his Olathe Kansas Office.
Which yielded a $75,000 pay out in mortgage proceeds for his clients.
Further more referenced is June 6 as deadline to get mortgage documents to Chicago Title.
AHMSI sent customer/borrower documents which validated a fax number of Chicago Title across the top of several mortgage documents dated June 6.
Allegedly these mortgage documents were faxed back to Chicago Title after 1 pm June 6, which blows Ann Christies story out the hatch.
Which verifies that fraud had been allegedly committed by CTIC & Richard Roe, yet they, Judge James Charles Droege & Linda Tarpley were willing to protect ROE any way possible. 
Amazing how this Judge Thornsbury pulled others into his evil corruption to cover up his affair.
RATS reveals its all about the money and power that has now been exposed to the masses.
Just like Judge Thornsbury was brought to justice so will those exposed in RATS.
God has his own timing and is always true to his word.
Amazing that Ann Christie
goes to court & fibs stating she saw borrower/customer & 4 others who names appear on Mortgage documents although customer stated never going to Chicago Title to close the loan.
Yet Ann Christies name appears as notary and dated June 2 stating they all appeared to her.
RATS shows transcript testimony. Allegedly Ann Christie names Chicago Title Vice President Terri Hierber as using Christies notary stamp and allegedly Hierber signs Ann Christies signature to mortgage documents.
Again when customer stated they had been defrauded & never saw notary. Linda Tarpley & Judge Droege used the legal system to further conspiracy & alleged fraud.
Rats reveals judges & foreclosure attorneys have been getting away with these types of evils against the people for years.
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