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Article by S. Jenkins Aug 6, 2013
The verdict is in...
Thanks to thousands of viewers of the RATS DVD the people have spoken. They are wanting ALL attorneys & Judges who knowingly participated in using any type of ROBO signed mortgage documents to foreclose or transfer ownership of pass thru certificates of mortgage securities that they know are fraudulent to be brought to JUSTICE immediately.
Nationwide people are not just looking at just foreclosures but mortgage assignments that contain title companies as trustees that are known to be corrupt and the attorneys & law firms that are trustees on mortgages. Because of the severity & seriousness of this wide spread fraud Individuals have gathered proof of such activities. 
Are you willing to devote two-three hours to help? You can start by using twitter & face book or your network of friends & spread the word about RATS. Get the DVD watch it & then decide to take action.
Many are doing just that retrieving legal news papers that list foreclosures even back issues from three years ago.
Select 5-10 foreclosures in paper review it check for name of mortgage company, attorney doing foreclosure & actual foreclosure petition & loan amount. Next go to recorder of deeds review original mortgage note & documents see who is notary listed. Contact Secretary of State notary dept for when they became a notary & department of insurance if they are escrow agent also to do title insurance.  If the loan was done in a year that notary did not have proper creditals this is a red flag.
Review copies of information in foreclosure including amount owed, escrow shortages, sheriff deed, and judges notes & signatures on documents and check for ROBO mortgage assignments at recorder of deeds. Robo signers are folks who signed thousands of mortgage documents for various lenders banks & loan servicers nationwide.
These documents were manufactured fraudulent to substitute mortgage documents when lenders destroyed them when trading & selling loans to other investors. Several folks have discovered major problems validating fraud including judges signatures that didn't match consistently on documents & journal entries. 
Escrow shortages are easy to spot as fraudulent. Just get taxes paid by owner or mortgage company before & after foreclosures & sheriff sale documents should show this along with other fees charged by lender & attorney. Escrow is only for property taxes & homeowners insurance only in this case.
If possible you may consider contacting the owner of foreclosed property after basic research. They may also have other documents or an interesting story that they suspected fraud.
You may be a victim of fraudulent foreclosure and just want to help yourself. You must start with a positive attitude & launch out.
If you are the victim then go thru the same steps & compare your statement from lender or loan servicer about balance owed.  Maybe you need to request loan
documents from lender & title company involved & compare them against recorder of deeds & your own mortgage documents if you were given any.
This includes HUD statements, right to cancel notice, good faith estimate, any info about broker (the middle man between you & the lender) The appraisal who did it & was it actually, done? Checks paid to others, did you go to a title company & were your loan documents explained.
RATS DVD has more information but again to fully understand what's going on you must see the movie.
You have the basics now to help yourself & others.
If you discover fraud that is in your FACE and the attorney presented it to the courts. Research this & fill out form to have attorney disciplined & disbarred.  They're procedures that are followed, every state is different. This also goes for judges involved in fraudulent foreclosures.
I hope this information was helpful. RATS put me on the path to know the truth about what really happened
I'll update you again on the progress. Contact S. Jenkins thru website on the contact page.
The Genuine Article of Material Fact................
Another Disbarred Attorney
Disbarred Atty, Promoter Plead Guilty In $18M Stock Fraud
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 (July 15, 2013) -- Wow, A disbarred lawyer and a Florida stock promoter each pled guilty Monday in California federal court to conspiracy to commit securities fraud as part of a scheme that allegedly allowed its participants to reap $18 million as part of a stock price manipulation ring headed by an ex-prosecutor. Joseph R. Scarpello, a disbarred California attorney who is free on bond, and William Mackey, who is currently jailed, entered their pleas in a hearing before U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson.

After admitting to their crimes, Judge Wilson said he found that “the guilty pleas are knowingly and voluntarily made” and scheduled an Oct. 28 sentencing hearing for both men.

An indictment made public by federal prosecutors in February named Scarpello and Mackey, accusing them of being involved in a scheme headed by Regis M. Possino, a disbarred California lawyer who once worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. Possino was disbarred in 1984, according to records with the State Bar of California.

The indictment alleged that the conspiracy's members made at least $18 million in illegal proceeds by selling their shares of the companies whose stock price and volume they had manipulated, a February press release from the FBI stated.

In February, law enforcement officials announced the arrest of 14 defendants in two separate indictments alleging stock price manipulation.

Scarpello agreed to assist his co-conspirators to generate illegal profits from fraudulently manipulating the volume and price of two companies, Sport Endurance Inc. and FrogAds Inc., according to his plea agreement.

Scarpello admitted in court papers that he committed numerous acts in furtherance of the conspiracy, which allowed Scarpello and other co-conspirators to conceal the ownership and control over the free trading shares of the companies' stock, fraudulently inflating the stock and volume of the companies and then coordinating the sale of the companies' stock at inflated prices to the investing public.

Scarpello, who received at least $400,000 for his role in the scheme, also used his legal training to help his co-conspirators have the companies' stock registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, his plea agreement stated.

The scheme lasted from 2009 until earlier this year, prosecutors said in Scarpello's plea agreement.

He was disbarred by the State Bar of California in 2004, whose court found Scarpello had committed an act of moral turpitude by misappropriating $300,000 from two people by transferring their money, held in his client trust account, to a company without their knowledge.

Mackey's plea agreement is under seal, but he admitted to the same offense as Scarpello. Federal prosecutors also said the fact pattern in Mackey's agreement is roughly similar to the one for Scarpello.

Both men have agreed to pay restitution to their victims.

Mackey, 62, is currently jailed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles. A resident of Plantation, Fla., Mackey allegedly was free on bond in a federal case in New York City when he committed the crimes alleged in the Los Angeles indictment, the FBI said in its February press release.

Scarpello is represented by Patrick W. McLaughlin. Mackey is represented by Curtis V. Leftwich.

The case is United States of America v. Regis Possino et al., case number 2:13-cr-00048, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

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