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PROJECT13D.COM -  Will media get busted taking Mortgage bribes to lie on Trump?

New Book's revealing insight that has gone undetected since Trump presidential run for office

Is there a connection between
the news media & dissident politicians who have disavowed Donald Trump?

        Lets Find out!                      
 Trash Talk                  Lies & Bribes 
  By A. Tarr      (c) 2017

         I've had my suspicions for some time that the Media including TV reporters, on line demons & News paper reporters may have been getting paid to dish dirt on Donald Trump allegedly for a fee.

Because the book will be for sale to the public soon and on DVD we don't want to spoil the surprise of just who may be allegedly getting paid to distort truth and not report much on the other candidate. 

These folks range from former White House Correspondent turned TV reporter to a gaggle of New York Times reporters, actor Robert de Niro and even Doug Schoen of Fox News and Jeff Flake Arizona Congressman.  Allegedly they all share a secret along with over 30 other enterprising jokers.  Everyday more of them are added to the list.                        



Not only are folks allegedly taking Bribes disguised as MORTGAGE LOANS.  Yes Mortgage loans!!!!!  It appears that many of the reporters, Trump haters & deserter politicians have gotten paid big time.  This also includes smart asses who have tried their darnedest to turn folks away from even voting period so they can have more leeway to steal the election and defraud millions of American voters.

Many folks have seen these documents and believe what they are seeing.  The book goes into great details and names of folks that have decided to walk in darkness.   It also shows how the election allegedly was set up on a cycle using election workers and officials to also be given mortgage loans or either pay off existing mortgages.

There's also references that several Electoral College Electors may have gotten the same nasty loan deals for years.  Allegedly it appears that the the deck is stacked against Donald Trump. 

Allegedly this big payday has come from three of the big banks, Wells Fargo J.P. Morgan Chase, Citi-Bank, MERS and Fidelity National Financial Title Company subsidiaries.

Allegedly a few of Trump's female accusers also have this same deal.

Based on the documents that others have seen & questioned it appears folks that wanted to keep Trump out of office were aware that he'd be the last man standing and sought out accusers a year in advance in late 2014 & 2015 and sat on the information as a back up plan.  When Donald Trump advanced in the Presidential race the accusers came out like weeds in a garden.

The media were determined to keep up the mess even going so far to assume he's creating a problem in not accepting the election results.

People that have reviewed Trash Talk Lies & Bribes  and believe it is a game changer.  Many folks at first couldn't phantom how this many sons of darkness could sign up to do something this evil nationwide  $ MONEY $

Think about where all that loot came from to pull off such a "ROMAN HOLIDAY"? Allegedly the customers Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & Ginnie Mae through bogus loans created by the banks and their partners in crime allegedly.  Yes these agencies are allegedly the source of the wealth that financed this scheme at the tune of billions of dollars not one dime of the banks assets folks were allegedly used.

Forget paying some joker to vote twice or leaving a candidate name off the ballot they didn't want to jack around with this scam as much.

They want guaranteed results from the inside out!!!! 

New Book  TRASH TALK LIES & BRIBES exposes why Trump thinks the Election is Rigged & the Media UNFAIR to him

Trash Talk, Lies & Bribes took a candid look of how news was being reported on Donald Trump and other candidates.

When everyone in the media thought Donald Trump wasn't a serious candidate they gave him favorable reviews and tons of free press.  Donald Trump dominated the news daily for months.  He was also building his team to aid his campaign. Trump would rid himself of folks that may have been not really for him, which worked out in the end.

When they realized Donald Trump was the last man standing and had the endorsement of Dr. Ben Carson a voice of reason the media turned on TRUMP.   

Trash Talk Lies & Bribes explores just how far folks will go to make a buck and how many folks once they read this book will be so mad that they will turn from trusting her.

This wasn't written to aid Trump but show how in the words of Donald Trump that the system is RIGGED & folks will not know just how rigged until the see this book.

Election officials Bribed?

What also has come out that many of the folks that head up election boards across the United States may have allegedly been bribed also.   Again they also have something in common with the PAC of Wolves that will be found by name in TRASH TALK, LIES & BRIBES.

Gone are the old days of a greasy sack of cash delivered to the fraudsters. There's a new form of payment that allegedly includes pre-loaded debit cards and other tangible assets strait from several of the major financial institutions in America.

I'll say this, many of the folks who got a sneak preview of Trash Talk Lies & Bribes believe every word of it and further believes there a much larger issue of who wants to keep Mr. Trump out of the White House and the presidency of the United States.

Bernie Sanders was probably asked to do somethings if they let him in and he probably refused and lost and "now standing down" like a good soldier even though he knows the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz & the Democratic party in the words of "Tammy Wynette didn't stand by their man".

Hillary Clinton was promised this position years ago allegedly by JBN and had to stand down when Mr. Obama was whisked into office.

But kept the faith that by holding an important cabinet position Secretary of State & gaining name recognition after Bill Clinton left office she get her turn at bat, regardless of the baggage and dirty scandals going back to their Arkansas days.

This is their last chance to get in the office President of the United States and it's wearing Hilary Clinton down to a frazzle.  But somehow she keeps coming back on the scene.

But as you look at charts, graphs & time lines of how this new wealth came about for the participants it parallels the same time frame as the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 and the election cycle.

Many folks will take this under advisement to make a right and Godly decision based on undeniable information in Trash Talk, Lies & Bribes.

We look forward to all of you getting your own copy whether DVD or book

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