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Keep an eye on this folks!!!!!

Is the DNC as Corrupt as HELL?

You may just find out how corrupt after you read this................

The fires of hell are real folks

But so is the love of Jesus Christ

Which do YOU Chose?

As you watched the unfolding saga of Debbie Wasserman Schultz the former, head of the Democratic National Committee, after the "we don't want Presidential candidate, Bernie Sander e-mails surfaced". 

Which ultimately spelled doom for Sanders presidential bid and doom for her being over the DNC.                          

It became very clear that there's an integrity problem going on here. 

It brought to mind The Water Gate scandal and how a Black man, Frank Willis found a tape that was used to spy on the Democrats at the Watergate Building.  

Mr. Willis was never rewarded monetarily or properly thanked for his contribution to history that ended up having President Richard Nixon being disgraced and made to leave office. This was a Republican president not a democrat one.

Willis should have been given a better job or helped for his contribution but wasn't, not even by the Democrats that he unknowing helped. This later brought down a corrupt group of men who we now know as "WATERGATE".

Over the years slicksters have become very skilled at the art of deception and fraud when it comes to gaining political power and control. Most folks have seen Mrs. Schultz on TV especially when Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords became a victim of senseless violence in Arizona. 

What amazed us all was Gabbie's love for the people that she represented in her Arizona district and her fight against predatory lending that created financial evil in Arizona with foreclosures and adjustable rate mortgages.

Allegedly Ms. Giffords was working on legislation to break the back of this evil and restore integrity to the mortgage loan business.

Before Ms. Gifford was injured at a speaking engagement the website "BROKER OUTPOST" a popular place for mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers and those in the financial industry nationwide have meet-up & chats about legislations to stop them from getting their at the time "YIELD SPREAD PREMIUMS" and other things that would raise eyebrows of alleged fraudulent dealings. 

On this site there had been alleged threats issued to any legislator that had even as much as a thought of doing this. to the stop the money and fraud.  

On Project13D there is much discussion about mortgage fraud and the folks behind it and it's benefactors.

When the vibrant, wonderful congresswoman with a bright future ahead of her was mercilessly ambushed in that grocery store parking lot it appeared more could be involved than what was reported. 

Images of the tearful Debbie Wasserman Schultz holding Ms. Giffords hand before congress appeared on TV and C-Span as she asked for prayer for her good friend Ms. Giffords. and talked about friends and family were more important than anything.

It's believe that Ms. Schultz allegedly was ware of Ms. Giffords plan to stop this evil mortgage fraud that had scarred homeowners nationwide. It's believed that Wasserman and her husband benefited from these loans so why let a good friend interfere with this secret prosperity.

This evil made families homeless, cost hardworking Americans their life savings and saw elderly people kicked out on the streets from a home they'd lived in for years after getting a loan. Ms. Giffords had allegedly signed house bills against the sub-prime lending also. 

What has been brought to attention is how many mortgage loans Ms. Schultz had on the same property she had resided in for years with her husband. 

After review of these loans there could have allegedly been some odd dealings going on here. Based on the looks of multiple Schultz mortgages, Ms. Giffords was allegedly planning on stopping this type of suspicious mortgage loans, and allegedly her friend was using these same questionable types of loans to finance a great lifestyle beyond their salaries allegedly.

Normally, no one borrowers this many times in a year, But these loans could also mean payoffs allegedly for years of work with the Democratic party and allegedly doing favors that ended up costing Bernie Sanders his place in history.

American, what makes this so bad is Ms. Schultz husband is a career mortgage loan officer & alleged a Vice-president of the bank. His name appears boldly besides his wife, a Florida Congresswoman on every mortgage loan, that were created for multiple loans for huge sums of cash including loan modifications that are suspect.

There are reasons things are going bad and not on the level with this election, friends. 

What was so humiliating is the Bernie Sanders followers at the convention that was televised on national TV were being handed off to Hillary Clinton like a consultation prize. The DNC now wanted Mr. Sanders folks/supporters to come to support Hillary Clinton after the scam they ran down against Mr. Sanders. 

"Bernie Sanders appears to be a guy that not a YES MAN", he was probably asked if he'd do things that the "GROUP" wanted and declined. Then plan B took shape and whalla Sanders is out Clinton is in.

Don't be so shocked folks, this has been going on for years.

Lots of folks will wake up in hell behind these deals.

"Seasoned" veterans in politics on both sides know this, thats why they stay in office for decades as indentured servants to a few that keep them their whither thru voter fraud or fear of exposure to other things from their past or indiscretions.

ALL GOOD MEN & WOMEN MUST COME TO THE AID OF THE PARTY" was a phrase in typing class books in 1960's. Only in this sense it's not to aid anyone but the DEMS with misguided loyalty especially from Blacks and those who keep believing this will be their year if they can just catch the tail of the kite they fly and soar too.

The DNC Democratic National Committee was founded in 1848. They had a long time to get up on their game, folks.

The news that many of the "players" may be getting compensated thru tax free methods that the human mind may have never dreamed of is astounding! C-Span in 2009 featured Ohio congresswoman Marcy Kaptur talking big about going after the Freddie Mac folks, and sub-prime lending, telling folks to be squatters in their foreclosed homes, but then all of a sudden quit that gig. 

James B. Nutter was on that board appointed by Hilliary Clinton's husband, President William (Bill) Clinton).

You know it wasn't going to go anywhere.

There's reasons the Clinton BAD and scandal filled behavior is being ignored. There's a reason the news media wants to stir the pot on some stories and not others that would open the eyes of the community in America. God has not ignored it folks he know all and sees all, and they will not go without notice.

Again God is revealing wrong doing on all levels through the HOLY Spirit.