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 Donald Trump
Says the Election is Rigged !!!!!!

Somewhere in America there's boxes of ballots that have been pre-punched and "raring to GO" for the candidate not of your choice.

Whether it be for the Presidential race or your local state house candidates even down to local school board elections.

Folks, Donald Trump is probably right?  Lets look at this thing thru a magnifying glass and set aside what the news media wants you to believe about this election.

First off there are lots of smoke screens everywhere. In the old Boss Pendergast days  folks in control of the DEM party used to give out a bag of groceries  to assure a vote. Back further in the early days there was a POLE TAX that citizens that they would allow to vote paid.Imagine you where allowed to vote especially BLACKS then you were told who you better vote for or else and then made to wear a red shirt in support of that candidate, although they could have been haters.

But what is so different about this election from the last 30 years is the evil spirit that has ramped up efforts to keep out Donald Trump. He has a lot of folks around him that do not have America's best interest at heart.

Above front cover of book "The Greed 
Within Them".

Amazing how the media are like PIRANHA around him. What Trump hasn't figured out yet, is once they knocked out the other candidates there would be one man left standing DONALD TRUMP.

I am going to make sense of this nonsense so that the average person can see how they have been given a plate of garbage to eat up and misled and deceived.   Because of the media handling of this election and unfairness some folks, even first time voters are refusing to vote for either candidate.

One thing is Donald Trump needs to Dump WILBUR ROSS JR. NOW.  This Guy had been the owner of AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING. This company inflicted major pain on millions of homeowners though fraudulent foreclosures, lies and deceit. There's several reason that he in my opinion is the least trustworthy of all Trumps advisers.  Ross benefited from this corruption with William P Foley II who owned Fidelity National Financial who also had LPS/DOC XX infamous robo=signer company that falsified millions of mortgage documents for banks nationwide. 

In June 2011 60 minutes did a story about the robo-signers who falsified documents to steal homes from millions of had working Americans.  Foley company also controlled Chicago Title & First American Title and other title companies, Chex Systems, pre-loaded debt cards and companies that do payroll for many of the big companies in America including Farmers Insurance.  Foley not only had DocXX & LPS Lenders Processing  that did home checks on delinquent mortgage borrowers that were behind and another company CORELOGIC that collects payments thru escrow for property taxes from banks & mortgage companies

Folks this thing is deep with Foley.  We have reported that several notaries at his title companies would falsify mortgage documents and allegedly use them in scams to rip off banks that Foley's companies also did foreclosures for. Foley didn't become a rich billionaire from issuing title policies. Foley pretends they want to bust fraudsters  as it says on their corporate website in Florida, but allegedly, they are the fraudsters.

Some of his title companies and banks have allegedly played a role in why the media personalties are so very willing to blast Donald Trump.
The media does very few stories about loan fraud, period.  Yet there are millions of homes foreclosed on in America,  The advertise the larger banks that have been involved in this without blinking an eye.

Look into what their interest and holdings are. The Clinton E-Mail Scandal has nothing on William P Foley II and his board of officers who allegedly interchange names on corporate business filings. 

When the default swaps SCAM went down AIG lost big.  Many of the paper work for these phony mortgages were generated allegedly at Foley's title company. Trillions of dollars have allegedly been stolen from the Veterans Administration loan program, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac thru this deceit. The loans would be sold multiple times for the same home collecting billions of dollars. My analogy is one COKE & 6 straws scam.

These fools would just change legal description, origination date, alter borrowers name or distort wording in documents and then scan/forge borrowers signature and then resell the loan. 

They would without conscience stoop to even changing a fixed rate to an an adjustable rate which caused  It gotten so big if you contact them they ignore the calls after smart borrowers discover all the loan documents they signed at closing don't match the recorder of deed, the title company the loan servicer or the originator of the loan.  This is what cause the mortgage fiasco friends.  

Wilbur Ross Jr. got so freaking scared after his mess in Dallas courts after pretending to go after Lorraine Brown with DOC XX after the 60 minutes exposure and prompting about exposure in fraud that he then unloaded AHMSI. 

Ross had been working with Foley companies to allegedly profit from fraudulent foreclosures that affected not just Blacks but anyone they could defraud even bringing in Deutshe Bank to claim ownership of properties that was also a lie, to add another layer to the scheme. This was achieved by filing phony POA Power of Attorney documents. Amazing how Foley & Ross companies allegedly filed untruthful SEC records.  

Allegedly, Foley's First American Title created false documents to use in scheme then filed millions of false documents at court house recorder of deeds nationwide to allegedly defraud homeowners and steal homes from unsuspecting borrowers.

America has a short memory when it comes to business, money and political dealings about how things have been handled. A few times Wilbur Ross Jr. appeared on FOX NEWS to talk about Donald Trump. IT"S ALL GOOD! WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE GUY WHO IS TALKING, ROSS. 

He even made a statement about the mortgage fiasco & Clinton.  Sure Bill Clinton & his administration paved the way allegedly to help the fraud with with lax oversight and more adjustable rates and thousand of phony mortgage origination companies with weird as heck names that lied about what they were doing like Steve Hooks & Mortgage Professionals. 

Crooks popped up and ruined things and then went out of business after creating hell on earth for millions of trusting homeowners.

Hooks had a 2 million dollar home in Spring Texas after he used this company to set up loan scams, getting phony inflated home appraisals to borrowers before flipping it to Ameriquest Mortgage AMC. Citi, and then to American Home Mortgage Servicing in Texas.

This had to be said so that folks who are not in the KNOW will be so.

Again this is real and borderline criminal...................But has a big connection to how voter fraud is allegedly financed, and how folks for a robo signed pay off will do anything to help the bad guys win.....................


This book told the TRUE story of what crooked folks will do to steal an election & the methods. 

It's not just the undereducated signing up to do it! 

It employs award winning journalist and others that want power

"The book "The Greed Within Them" 

A cover from the book shows snake & hands entwined

The book 
"The Greed Within Them © can shed light on what has happen and will happen in this Presidential election.

In 1996 a young woman decided to run for school board. She was encouraged to do so after she had discovered that the school district had a "Waiver Policy".

This allowed failing students to be promoted to the next grade regardless that they couldn't read, spell, or do math or had not attending school for days.

This policy had been ordained by many of the former school board members, some who were former teachers. WOW! Yes they knew what this policy would do to a student but allowed it anyway.

This was only one change that God had allowed to be victorious that would help thousands of students every year actual get a real education.

This effort made by the young determined woman,  to run for office would only end up uncovering the nastiest evil "voter fraud" that underlines not only political campaigns for school board, but the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND. 

President of the United States of America. 

After the young lady  decided to listen to the  Lord and pray about this  decision to run for school  board.  She was  approached by a school board member about getting financial backing to buy signs and literature to distribute.

The backer owned the oldest mortgage company in America and now has a major interest in a winning sports team.

The young woman had never heard of the man but lots of political folks knew him. 

After meeting with a man named Mr. Gray to map out a plan to go door to door & meet folks in the community. 

The young woman did just this and was met with enthusiasm and volunteers to help get her signs out. On a visit to a senior citizen building where she had friends she discovered many of the seniors had ordered absentee ballots.

 These were held by the building management until operatives arrived from a Black political club "Freedom Inc."

Basically the ward person would assist the elderly with voting for the candidate that the club wanted in office. The ballots would be carried away by this guy and then used to deliver a vote for them.

Because of the dinners and alleged gifts from the club for years folks never realized they were being screwed over by this alleged fraud.  

**Beware if someone order 10,000 turkeys before the election.

If a voter wanted a Republican candidate the guy would tell them no, they are not one of our candidates and if they insisted on voting for a Republican the ballot would allegedly never be counted or double punched to spoil the ballot.  

Allegedly the building management were part of the scam holding the ballots in the office until
Cinderfella came by to help the elderly voters.
I'll bet the sons of Darkness have already set this in motion Donald.

This is nationwide thing from coast to coast. 
These are usually HUD buildings and rent assisted from the government.

On election day there was voting at the mayor's church where he was also the pastor. Numerous voters complained the woman's name was missing from the ballot there, and other voting locations.

Calls were made to the election board to Ray James an election official. Nothing was done about this this was discovered early enough to end an official out to check this. They sent no one.  
Donald your name might end up missing off ballots or the voting machines.

The next thing up! The opposing  school board candidate shows up outside the 
mayor's church who's now a congressman in Washington D. C. boasting how he's going to win the election. 

It's believed he knew the woman's name was missing from the ballot.

The next evil occurred when a black woman from Freedom Inc would make the rounds to the Black polling places to get ballots before the election had ended.


That night the operatives entered a basement of a Southside church and were caught by a volunteer unlocking the ballot box and loading what appeared to be ballots into the steel ballot box.

Senator Christopher Kit Bond, a Republican was on literature passed out by Freedom Inc. Blacks who have been told to not vote for anyone thats not a Democrat  for decades. Although there has been reports that Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican.

"Senator Bond sat on appropriation committees that supplied funding for many of those same Black Senior citizen high rises  that stolen votes allegedly came from and a health center that cater to the Black community.

Donald, lots of folks don't know the paper ballots have tiny labels with a union logo.
When the operatives got caught they raised pure D Hell with this woman and tried to run her away ____________________
The sheriff was locked out because operatives wouldn't let them in to pick up ballot boxes.

There will be bullies Donald.............  

There were other elections Donald where the ballot boxes will be left for months in churches and not counted, until someone finally gets sick of the box sitting there and finally calls the election board.

Black precincts wards votes not counted until after midnight or not at all or not accurate allegedly, although the election polls closed at 7 pm. This scam was going strong in elections for years.
White precinct wards show count before 10 pm and are picked up timely after polls closed.

When it was discovered about the voter fraud that occurred woman confronted the man who paid for campaign literature.  

What was  also odd about this deal folks wrote checks to her campaign.

 She would later discover many were employees of this man and he allegedly told them to do this and then allegedly reimbursed them for their money thru the company pay roll.

When the woman went to their midtown office to discuss the fraud that occurred the big guy allegedly stated the following. "If I don't want you in you won't get in. I control the election board and I pay them good money to do what I tell them too".

How in the hell do you think Bill Clinton got in? He does what I tell him.

So you can tell whoever you want to look into this it's not going to do you any good, they alleged. 

Senator Claire McCaskill was the prosecutor at the time this occurred.   She was a candidate on Freedom Inc. ticket
Donald you are going too need JESUS CHRIST just as much as the young woman did to fight these demons spiritually.
Unfortunately several Black ministers have no problem taking cash or gifts to turn a blind eye to voter fraud that happens in the Church.

 Notice I said church not house of God, because God will not dwell in a spirit of demonic places even a church that has been used in this manner.

KCPT Public TV did a segment on Black preacher being bought and going for the church using their influence for this.  I believe there is a place for this in church to ward off bad folks that will further take down all communities.

When nothing got done about this, the woman wrote a tell all  book "The Greed Within Them. about this fraud. 

Several things were revealed after the book was out and some were documented in other ways.

This same individual would later be the guy who introduced reverse mortgages, allegedly MERS mortgage electronic registration to get money from mortgage transactions and hold a seat on the Freddie Mac board, appointed by President Clinton.
 There are lots of folks that know what's been going on for years . They either avoid it, report it or become part of it.
Once they are in they are in. 

There are those who have stood with Jesus Christ and his truth.

If they'll go to this much trouble for a school board election what will they do to get the WHITE HOUSE.

Again the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to those who pray and seek it.
Folks there is a lot of demonic activity out here
and it can be only subdued by the Blood of Jesus Christ and the word of God.

 This election will not be fair ...............

When Donald Trump says things are RIGGED BY GOLLY I THINK HE"S ON TO SOMETHING

Donald Trump on 

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