DONALD TRUMP WINS 2016  PRESIDENTIAL RACE


Trash Talk Lies & Bribes the only book to pull the cover off of how corrupt the mainstream media has been for years. Gone are the honest days of reporters like Ed Bradley, Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace & Morley Safer.

What Trash Talk Lies & Bribes reveals is numerous reporters on TV and newspapers and allegedly talk radio received mortgage loans that are questionable or had properties paid off in full after the John Podesta meetings at his home.

Many that have read Trash Talk Lies & Bribes believe these were not legit loans or pay offs of home loans but alleged bribes for participating in "Rico type conspiracy" against Bernie Sanders initially and big time against Donald Trump.

The book also alleges numerous electors and election board officials nationwide have these same odd mortgage loans or homes paid off only during election years.  Many of the politicians that disavowed Donald Trump also have these same nasty deals like Arizona Sen Jeffrey Flake that disavowed Trump in August 2016 then gets 2 mortgage loan for over $500,000.00

These reporters showed up on Podesta e-mail list of reporters long after Trash Talk Lies & Bribes had been written.  This revelation only confirmed that these men and women who had the ears of millions of voters worked in unison to destroy the American people trust in anyone that ran for president with the exception of Hillary Clinton. 

This included Trash Talking Trump and allegedly accepting possible bribes in the form of mortgage loans and loans paid off to persuade the American people to not vote TRUMP.

The book also reveals numerous electoral college voters and Numerous election board officials nationwide allegedly seem to get these mortgage loans or pay off during election years also.

The Bible says what does it profit a man to gain the whole world & lose his soul.  Hillary Clinton wanted to be President so bad this became a plan. The Bible also stays no weapon formed against me shall prosper.  

Again this plan was inspired by demons and many of the folks that wanted to set their minds and hands to evil will go down in history as such.

When Donald Trump stated the election was rigged the Holy Spirit realized this and revealed it to allow me to write this book and I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this.

It appears that this type of corruption may have gone on for years and only became apparent after deep research and the anointing of the Holy Spirit revealed what would make hundreds of reporters and politicians allegedly including G.H. Bush turn on Trump. 

MONEY! Even Howard Dean had weird mortgage transaction with his daughter. A purchase for a storage unit for over $300,000 then Dean alleges Trumps was using drugs after a debate. WOW!

Alleged the speaker of the house had a fat loan and then waffled on Trump support.

Many of the banks involved were Wells Fargo, J P Morgan Chase & Citi Bank & MERS and Fidelity National Financial Title Company subsidiaries. WOW

                                        THE KINGPIN
Who is JBN? This guy stated in 1996 that he controlled the election boards nationwide and alleged getting Bill Clinton in the White House. JBN also alleged that Bill Clinton did what he was told to do by him.  

There are many black demonic forces involved that only our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit can defeat.  What you have witnessed for over 500 days of the start of this election is real and the corruption is real.  

Younger reporters have replaced the older and wise ones that had  integrity and would have never accepted this deal which amounts to fraud and possible "RICO conspiracy" because of the Podesta List and the treachery that was purported by numerous reporters nationwide.

The real story is numerous reporters and election officials may have allegedly accepted bribes in the form of mortgage loans to throw elections and in the case of reporters and politicians use their influence to stop people from voting for Donald Trump.

This would also mean that pollsters may have been lying also to rig the election.

Friends we must pray and ask God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for wisdom to know truth and not be fooled.

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