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DONALD TRUMP ARE VOTES FOR SALE  & WILL THE CROOKS STEAL THE ELECTION           AGAIN?                   ____________         

What's really going on America with this election?  Everyone with a brain is talking about this thing. Sure, there are the stick their heads in the sand types and they are lost balls in high weeds. They believe the old bull crap that has been talked about at water coolers, barber shops & gas pumps about what the real deal.

They aren't interested in much but the opposite of the truth and choose to be under informed by choice. Somehow watching degrading TV shows and hearing misguided TV personalties tell them how to think.  

Then there are the almost overly informed that review all the news shows Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg Reports BBC, C-Span and other news stations.

It better to be more informed than less in this case. So as I reflect back to the mid 1990's how predatory lending allegedly went wild under Mr. Bill Clinton and how it became a method to pay for favors to allegedly stock pile millions in cash. Allegedly, Former BB&T Ceo John Allison had sound bites that hinted at former president Clinton & the Fed Reserve had a hand in the mortgage crisis and meltdown.  

Lots of the same loyal folks who vote for these folks nationwide lost their homes to fraud & foreclosure where laws were changed in their state for non judicial foreclosure after the banks cheated them, allowing them to take homes and making folks including veterans homeless. 

Who helped stop this that was in any office in Wash DC?  No one wanted to stop this because of the cash it brought in to use in these voter fraud schemes allegedly.

What is so amazing all this money doesn't come from nickels, dimes & dollars pledged by the honest folks who believe their vote will count for the candidate of their choice.  

The Thinkers have started to put 2 and 2 together. The mortgage fraud and the money made from it as I have talked about in Who are the faces in RATS and Corelogic Fraud has been allegedly used to fund this insanity.

Although Wilbur Ross Jr. is helping Trump this guy was another person who was involved with American Home Mortgage Servicing formerly his company was involved in a lot of mortgage fraud too. He bought Ameriquest/AMC assets and brought in the worst thuggish demons to steal homes from anyone they could through fraud & adjustable rate mortgages.

Trump needs to watch what Trogan horses he brings in to help.  When Ross pulled off scam in Texas courts with DocXX  stating they couldn't find this Lorraine when all along records show William P. Foley II allegedly owned this robo signing company that was featured on 60 minutes in June 2011. 60 minutes stop short of revealing Foley connection because many folks have been getting free mortgages.

This was another scam company run by William P. Foley II a billionaire who allegedly allowed his escrow agents and notaries to duplicate borrowers mortgage documents allegedly to submit to banks they had relationships with. 

Then allegedly the fraudulent tainted mortgages would be bought by other banks including the VA veterans Administration, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. This was beyond the originators of the loan or the bank that actually funded these loans. They also sold these same mortgages for 1 property.
Allegedly many veterans have been taken advantage of lenders and don't realize it.

Yes, these entity dummies will buy these mortgages fully aware they are FAKE and don't match what the borrower actually signed. Just pull in your docs from everyone the bank, recorder of deeds, title company and the entity who they sold it to and it won't match the others.

Basically these entities have allegedly been in collusion with the bigger banks and they claim mortgage losses when in fact they are allegedly looting their own banks and then got money from the default swaps to replace it, tax write offs for bad mortgages, and foreclosure taking homes from the hard working folks who never knew they were being used like this. 

The money will be replaced and the overflow allegedly used to get evil doers to screw over candidates they don't want including giving mortgages that will allegedly never be paid back or pre-loaded debit cards to bit players to steal elections nationwide.

Allegedly Citi & Chase love giving away money like this. Some of these agents depending of how valuable they are may get their existing loans paid off during this season.

So where is this all leading up to America?

Back in the Pendergast days a vote was worth a bag of groceries , loot ticket or a carton of cigarettes. Voter fraud has various levels from the vote counters, commissioners and the poorer & black neighborhoods where many Dems count on to get votes. For years black political parties stand outside polling places and hand voters flyers, No other candidates are given to them and again this is the problem of folks being uninformed by choice.

There's also a literacy problem when people vote in poorer communities
there are many folks given flyers with pictures of the candidates and their names. Former Senator Christopher Kit Bond for years was overwhelming elected by the inner city, although he was a Republican. Look who took his place? 

How so? the operatives made sure Blacks never knew this fact and his name and picture would appear on ballots allegedly with a host of other Democrat candidates. Bond sent a lots of $$$ down there that some how didn't always get used for it's intended purpose allegedly.

There will be situations when ballot boxes will never be picked up at the polling places election night that is based on the past elections especially at inner city churches.  Or there will be the mass number of double punched /spoiled ballots that will not be counted for either candidate on purpose.

In the past inner city wards operatives have had keys to the ballot boxes and allegedly would add mounds of ballots for the candidate they have been told to help get out front.

Senior citizen buildings/HUD Section 8  buildings are a haven for voter fraud. Political operatives with the help of building managers & employees have access to residents. They will allow operatives from political clubs to have meetings in community room or in private room of residents to et absentee ballots that have been ordered and then allegedly held by the manager until Cinderella comes to help them select "THEIR CANDIDATE".

In many cases the candidate name is just "PLAIN MISSING FROM THE BALLOT ALTOGETHER".

Ballots arriving late  very late after the election has ended to be counted.
Black wards are notorious for this happening.


Lots of folks know how they got in office and know the deal.

Greta Van Sustren talked about the condition of the Black communities nationwide on FOX NEWS when they keep walking in the same direction and voting for the same groups. They have become complacent and used to this unfair treatment. This is not just limited to the DEMS  either their are some folks that want power so bad they will sell their souls to the devil to have it.

Some are so desperate they will participate in this evil friends.

I heard allegedly Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican?  Is This so?

God is aware of this and the Holy Spirit too. Whether your for Mr. Trump or not you need to take a strong look at whats going on and what will happen in this election if your uninformed.

You need to be in prayer and ask God for decernment of spirit for this election you need to be aware of suspicious activities in your community surrounding all elections. 

Votes are for sale and will be for sale unfortunately.

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