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After reading Trash Talk, Lies & Bribes it became very obvious of what had been going on for years right under everyones noses.

It appears that for at least several years going back to the Clinton Administration and every administration since a "SPECIAL SYSTEM" has been in place to set up alleged bribes to those in the news media whether local operatives or nationwide like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Washington Post and New York Times and local papers that are attached to bigger papers and subsidiaries. 

This opportunity is as slick as goats slime, and has been used to enlist the aid of thousands of folks as Donald has had a revelation of "that the Election is Rigged".

Until folks see the proof they won't believe it or imagine folks could be this cold & darn corrupt.

 This is why it has been so easy for many of the Republican politicians and big wigs to leave Donald Trump at the altar like a Bride waiting for her husband.

They were never in love with the idea of him as President and are actual Democrats in disguise.
There is a definite evil spirit flare here, that makes anyone that reads Trash Talk Lie & Bribes realizing America has been under a demonic control for decades and this is another reason younger people who haven't a clue of history have swarmed news rooms nationwide.  

I can guarantee had News Truth agent Al-Jazeerra News been on the air this stuff would have been exposed.  The folks that knew they were one of the beacons of truth ran them off the air ahead of this election. 

Based on numerous records it appears that many of these folks have taken the opportunity seriously and signed up early to get this tax free hand-out.  

As time goes on you'll hear more about Trash Talk, Lies & Bribes and how one by one as each demon from Billy Bush George H. W. Bush's Nephew, Howard Dean,  Bill DeBlasio, Arizona Congressman Flake, Hugh Hewitt, Robert DeNiro & many others come out of the dark pits of hell to disavow Donald Trump & the list grows. 

These folks all have something very much in common outside of not wanting Donald Trump as the leader of the Free World, they've allegedly all taken bribes and serve the same master.

There's so much more about Trash Talk Lies & Bribes that makes this a classic like Gone with the Wind, The Manchurian Candidate, The Firm and other insightful Novels/movies.

The whole thing is one of the best books I believe ever written exposing how far folks will go to get in a candidate.  There are several surprises in the book that will shock you. 

One is how a newspaper editor leaves a midwestern paper and then mandates Hillary Clinton as the one the paper is endorsing but not without a fat financial blessing to go with it.

Other surprises is how many time some of the Trump nay sayers went to the well and got paid.  Some of these same folks have bent the minds of millions of viewers and readers nationwide in efforts to disavow Donald Trump from winning the election to millions of voters. Their objective is to 

1. Stop people from voting for Donald Trump.

2. Get folks up set so they won't vote for either candidate or for Clinton

3. To make it easy for the thousands of election officials that have allegedly already signed up for this free cash to succeed in stealing the Election from Donald Trump. 

Trumps folks believe they will commit voter fraud like in years past. Switching votes, double punched ballots, bribing folks with a carton of cigarettes. This will also be in play along with dead folks voting & new born babes and aliens brought in to strengthen the oppositions position.

 They have already paid lots of folks off to do an inside job nationwide.  These people include folks who handle absentee ballots, the  election commissioners, folks that have important duties within the elections system.  

Trash Talk Lie & Bribes shows how some of these have signed on and get blessed right before or directly after elections since 1992 to the present.  

The banks have played a major role in this and have paid trillions of dollars out to allegedly steal the election.  Trash Talk Lies & Bribes reveals that this was one of the biggest "ON THE GRID FRAUDS" known to mankind.

God, Jesus & The Holy the Spirit receive all the Glory for Trash Talk Lies & Bribes.

Donald Trump and all our friends look to Jesus Christ, you help comes from the Lord.

God is aware of this evil and has made it possible for this book  in Jesus name and it's under the Blood of Jesus AMEN

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