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PROJECT13D.COM -  Will media get busted taking Mortgage bribes to lie on Trump?
Many people have had homes stolen from them illegally by banks & mortgage lenders.  Tons of research show that most homeowners didn't really fall behind on their loans at all.
Documents that have been discovered show that many honest folks had no clue the loan officer had a pre arranged deal with the escrow agent at the title company to defraud you.  
Buyers would apply for a loan say on May 12. 

The buyer would trust the lender and would eventually receive the loan. What the buyer didn't know was the lender had stolen hundreds of thousands maybe millions of dollars from the bank where they worked or mortgage company they do business with, using your loan application as a front. They'd submit it to their friend, then get the money wire transferred to themselves at the title company escrow account. Create phony good faith estimates, multiple HUD statements, and create phony closing fees, even showing defunct companies to steal closing cost you paid up front.

The loan application would now say June 30 and so would the mortgage that's filed at the recorder of deeds.

Documents will surface showing wire
transfers for large sums of money weeks before you closed the loan & insurance placed on home also weeks ahead. Thousands of documents reviewed show the same pattern & the same group of title companies that appear on these loan documents even when borrowers never closed at the the title company.

What amazes anyone who views documents is how many notary/escrow agents at Fidelity National Financial title companies & subsidiaries are quite at home in these transactions. When they get found out for fraud, the title companies hire attorneys who actually do foreclosures exclusively to defend them. Most of these charges include RICO & Federal violations that would rival John Gotti.

Many of these folks are women who mess over folks who are loyal to FNF & know they are stealing & converting funds with the help of the lender.

They really do a poor job always stating plaintiffs who sue stated no claim upon which relief can be granted.

The oldest excuse in the book and judges allow the crooks who operate these pits called law firms to avoid returning an answer to plaintiffs.
Allegedly many judges allegedly have accepted bribes SEEING THE FRAUD IN PLAIN SIGHT.  

Or maybe their doing like the former president of KIEV in the UKRAINE stealing money thru alleged bribes...Crooked escrow agents/notaries at title companies to assist the foreclosure attorneys.

When a borrower realizes the fraud and may be trying to pull together the pieces to validate this they must be vigilant and prayerful and take action.

Most foreclosure attorneys use various tricks that God & the Holy Spirit has now revealed so you must know these also.

Several of these mortgage assignments transferring property nationwide goes allegedly through various companies operated by Fidelity National Financial. They also allegedly use tons of people to lie & falsify documents moving homes to other loan servicers & lenders when they need to do so.

They were using the name attorney in fact & vice president for various lenders.  They have now started using the name "contract management"
or various names to look official.  A grouping of these men & women who are paid to lie has been assembled by loyal watchers & will be made available. They switch roles becoming the notary, the witness or the contract management person at will.

Allegedly Fidelity National Financial plays a large role in this scheme working with foreclosure attorneys to knowingly prepare falsify documents into courts & recorder of deeds, sheriff sales and realtors allowing them to find phony buyers for these properties.

Many folks never show up at court or live in state where non-judicial foreclosures occur.  Folks you must get the laws changed in your state & go against this so there can be a way to defend your home.

Most of the sheriff sales are phony a trumploi deal. Many never occur while the attorney cancels them keeping homeowners in the dark so there are no witnesses to sheriff sale only their stamp on a sale document.

Next, the foreclosure attorney secures a realtor to sale property and then has the lender get Fidelity National Financial "contract managers formerly known as atty in fact/vice president to make up documents transferring property to this new owner.  

A warranty deed that now shows the name of the new owner whom the name looks suspect and can't be found even on face book or anywhere on God's green earth.  

Next you notice this so called big sum paid for the property, like they keep it under their mattress or something with no mortgage loan. Yep saving every dime since birth..SURE!!!!!!

Then you make a RAW AS HECK DISCOVERY!!!!!!

The property taxes are still in the name of the creeps that foreclosed on your home.....SAY WHAT ?????
The property taxes are being paid by the same creeps who foreclosed on your home.............
You check at the recorder of deeds & there's no mortgage...NONE!!!

So how would the same creeps names show that property taxes are to be sent to them at the same location your monthly payments went to before the foreclosure??????

This is going on because folks that were BAMMED are not checking things out........

How can you tell if you got BAMMED? Closing cost are never to be rolled back into a loan or financed ever.. This is a sure sign of fraud.

Property tax assessor shows property in the same name of the entity that was on your foreclosure or if you trace this it may have been transferred to another lender or loan servicer that acquired the former lenders assets.

Either way IT STINKS & IS FRAUD.

This is slick and imagine that you pay for a lenders policy thru your loan. It's on you HUD statement, a fee for hundreds of dollars to pay off your house incase of default that they set up on purpose in their fraud scheme against you. You never see a copy of this policy and they don't offer you or tell you about buying one to protect your home.  This is another corrupt thing being charged for title policy against your will or knowledge & this charge rolled into the loan.

America wake up NOW!!!!!
Closing cost were never to be rolled back into the loan fixed or adjustable rate...... Property taxes, title reports, insurance premiums, appraisals,  none of these are to be financed into the loan.......Legit way is borrowers pay closing cost up front. Again no one has ever questioned why this has been happening...Or who's behind this fraud.

Just on this alone majority of loans are fraudulent.............& could be challenged.

Who gave MERS permission to get a Cut from every mortgage loan....?
OPT OUT OF MERS.................
Another front for something sinister.

Go to the recorder of deeds see the paper trail look for deeds & mortgages, the tax assessor dept, & the court house records to see if you were BAMMED........

What you have here is a ring of tidy bowl corruption & all hands are on deck like a cult.....a Jim Jones cult their all on the cool-aid....Secretly getting rich 

Contact on the contact page send us your story.  You must have facts then your information can be posted to expose the fraud.


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