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Why does Mortgage Fraud scare attorneys?
Lots of attorney ads are on TV every day. You've seen them begging for you to call them for asbestos, traffic tickets, medical malpractice, vaginal mesh, bankruptcy, disability, slip & fall lawsuits.
See if you will find just one attorney or law firm who helps innocent victims of mortgage fraud.  You won't find one folks and why is this? if millions of homeowners have had issues with corrupt mortgage and title companies this should be a booming business, Right!
These Sons of Darkness are scared crap less and avoid this business.
They know who controls this evil and many are wanting to get out and become judges but there only few slots for this so what they do is allegedly report anyone who seeks help for mortgage issues to others who control this fraud. Say if you come in wanting help for this to save your home  this is allegedly what happens.
A novice attorney might take your case because he needs the money. He's unaware of the sharks that swim aside this fraud. The case looks promising but once they make their first appearance in court on your behalf the opposing counsel tells the guy to sit his a-butt down.
This is literally meaning drop your case dude.
The attorney has been given a "exit clause." You don't know why and it's not because your breath stinks!
He's told he may want to hold political office one day, get into the private sector, be a judge or just win other cases in court and have the favor or the judges in which these jokers control by blocks of votes to get the judge appointed or elected in your town.
The opposition may be possible paying bribes to those judges from proceeds from foreclosed homes that have unexplained charges accessed by the opposing counsel in the foreclosure.
Imagine the judge receives a pre loaded debit card with thousands of
untraceble dollars.
The attorney is a crook and instead of reporting this threat embraces it.
Several people nationwide have reported such evil in the judicial system.
Court filings nation wide will validate that people have tried to secure help and were left to defend their own homes in court.
On the other hand if the company is a multi million dollar one with attorneys on staff like a company that sued a title company in the Midwest for not doing a land survey properly costing this company millions in losses. This law firm had no problem taking to court and winning a settlement for this company.
Was their case important? Is your case important?
What is the difference friends.
1st They can't make millions from you only a few thousand, So they will tell you it's not worth it for them to help you.  Where's the ethics here friends, there are none!
Next, why are they willing to do this against you?
It's a BOEHEMIEN GROVE TYPE OF THING! Lots of rear kissers and fiendish folk in this system. Most don't believe in GOD or JESUS Christ only power and money.
See if you can find a judge anymore that has folks swear in on a BIBLE.  If you have any judge in your town that doesn't do this ask why? Then do what you must to get them out of office.
Next, most people have not reported these attorneys  that take cases and purposely lose them to gain favor with the opposing counsel for future inducements.
One individual alleged hired an attorney named Pr---t. They took their case got up front funds showed up at court once and told defendant not to come to court.  They would handle it. Investigations provided by others found Mr. P was also a trustee for another crooked mortgage company who did sub prime loans and opted to not reveal this to the client.  The person later found theirhome had been foreclosed on months later after a realtor showed up wanted to view their home. The client called the attorney for months even stopping by his office and the jerk lied to the client.
This lawyer operated in the minority community and most likely messed over lots of folks.
Why are there only a select group of attorneys that do foreclosures?
and when did the majority of these Sons of Darkness pop up?  Check the Secretary of state and you'll find in the 1990.  Most attorneys that were crooks that became judges or formed foreclosure mills were trustees for sub prime lenders and banks.
They do enough evil in their world, they get promoted to IMP of the MONTH.
No one wants them and they know it.
But lets look at the other EVIL folks!
Majority of these guys & gals assume they'll never be caught or brought to justice this isn't true. 
Some of the foreclosure attorneys own title companies and lending companies and are doing fraudulent foreclosures using ROBO signed documents that are fraudulent to steal homes.  Folks also start getting the legal newspapers in your town see who these tricksters are foreclosing on homes.  Run their info everywhere find out if they have a business license to do this. Are they really doing right. See who signs the assignments of mortgage that is filed at the courthouse.  Are these Vice presidents, notaries or foreclosure attorneys on a national fraud list for robo signing documents meaning making fraud their principal means to take homes.
Contact a few folks randomly in these papers see if they intend to fight tell them about getting their documents  and reviewing them if they don't or can't get help.
Some folks walk away from their home because they assumed or were told they were behind on payments. But what if you find you actually signed a fixed rate loan and the title company and loan company switched your loan application and this would mean you owe less and should be credited  as such.
This is the case with the majority of sub prime loans or predatory loans.  Where's the ammorization schedule folks. This tells you principal to interest. Crooked lenders that wouldn't give this info don't deserve your business.
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