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PROJECT13D.COM -  Will media get busted taking Mortgage bribes to lie on Trump?
New Movie
RATS (c) 2013
alleged Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosures & Fidelity National Financial.......

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As you see the graphic it's got something to do with 'Rats'
(c) 2013.
These rats are Foreclosure attorneys, judges, crooked mortgage lenders, escrow agents, loan brokers and lead counsel of a well known title company.
Until Now the  REAL TRUTH behind foreclosures & who "once" welded the power has been a a Secret!
Those who have seen excerpts are calling for a FULL investigation
of the players & the network that rivals a CRIME Syndicate!
True Facts, real names & documents.
Money,Perks and the "Hellish LIE" they all share...
Finally the TRUTH! Orange Jumpsuits are in order!
Rita Murray
Victim of mortgage fraud
S. Farnsworth
"RATS will be on NY Times best sellers list"
Frank Gibbs
"I can't wait for the movie"
B. Tyson
80 year victim of Reverse
Mortgage Foreclosure
They should round them up & split their backside
Is there any hope for America?
H. Capps
"Rats" puts a face on modern day crime that is further reaching than Bernie Madoff & anything I've seen in my lifetime
K. Frankel
Theresa W.
My family  home was taken behind an adjustable rate loan. I knew I had a fixed rate but no one would help me. When I went to court, the plaintiff attorney presented fraudulent loan documents to judge.
In those documents was my fixed rate loan application along with two adjustable rate apps I never signed.
 Judge saw the fraud and sided with this dirty BAs. I filed on all of them.
The attorney just got disbarred and the judge was fined and
sentenced. Come to find out the authorities had radar on him & other attys caught them taking bribes.
New Documentary/
Movie RATS (c) 2013 All rights reserved
So Many questions answered, why foreclosures nationwide were allowed to happen.
Was your house really sold at a sheriff sale?
Did the title company finance foreclosure attorney operations?
Were judges actually signing their foreclosure journal entries or was it the foreclosure attorneys?
Were final cost on foreclosed homes inflated to give judges & attorney a cut?
Why were most of the title company's not registered with the Dept of Insurance or Secretary of State.
How many Dept of insurance commissioners went to higher offices?
How many judges & attorneys had multiple loans on same home?
Inside operations of SUPER Lawyer's & how far they went with fraud.
Who appointed the judges that do foreclosures?
Why has this become a Trillion dollar business?
Were homeowners charged fees for ALTA policy that title company won't produce.
Attorneys that used robo signed mortgage assignments to steal homes
Why attorneys refuse to represent victims of foreclosure
How far have Judges gone to commit fraud & allegedly take bribes
Judges living out of district they represent
Why some judges refuse to tell the truth & throw out fraudulent foreclosures
Who selects the judges? Should the process be changed?
 Title companies hire attorneys to protect escrow agents who embezel from their own clients?
 Lead counsel conceal closing documents from customers that validated fraud.
 Title company officer takes rap for a crook CEO after Federal Trade commission busted company?
Why were foreclosure attorneys board members of Minority banks?
attorneys set up Phony LLC to hide foreclosed property
Who are the ruthless women attorneys, their pay offs & rewards
Escrow agents multiple home loans 3-4 a year
Who has made billions running the operation?
What enterprises were financed by this fraud?
Title company filing phony ownership docs to conceal property hid on dangerous buildings list for 30 years
 The first book of its kind to pull the cover off EVIL right in your town & how they got away with it for so long.
What prominent Billionaire  Chairman have to do with Fixed Income Clearing Corp?
Why did Largest Title company Chairman borrow billions from foreign banks in Germany, Japan, Europe?
Crooked foreclosure attorneys enlist the aid of out of state lawyers to initiate evictions REO services & lie stating the attorney owns foreclosed property.
"Just like the picture the Rats are turning on their own as we speak."
"The righteous shall not be forsaken" What does it profit a Man to gain the whole world and lose his soul....
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