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What happens when you mix two greedy Realtors, 2 cunning bait and switch deceitful mortgage brokers miles apart,  an overly eager money hungry insurance agent, a crooked escrow agent and co-horts and two big banks who allegedly allowed correspondent lender scammers to cook up fraudulent VA loans to sell to investors thru GINNIE MAE after bigger banks allegedly accepted falsified loans to get loan guarantees from Veterans Administration. 

Allegedly Lots of flowing cash for all the participants.
Then allegedly cash in on fabricated delinquencies making off with millions of dollars using forged and fabricated mortgage documents of Military Veterans.  

What's Going On With Patricia Lynn Devine aka Lynn Devine Junction City Kansas Mortgage Lender?

What do folks know about allegedly VA mortgage loan scams allegedly originated by First National Bank & Trust in Junction City Kansas aka Exchange Bank?

How many Fort Riley military soldiers used First National Bank and Trust also known as Exchange Bank to purchase a home?

Did a realtor refer you to another lender and loan stalled and then loan shifted to Lynn Devine days before the loan was to close.

How many VA loans from First National Bank and Trust now Exchange  Bank in Junction City Kansas were brokered thru them and sold to Wintrust Mortgage and other investors on the same day allegedly using fabricated mortgage assignments  and loan documents before loans closed and after closing for months later.

Were table funding loan schemes used allowing millions of dollars to be sent to the bank and title companies and then allegedly absconded with after getting tons of cash beyond the value of the home.

How many veterans who had homes financed at these banks in Junction City and
have requested their documents from these banks, the title company, the loan servicer and the recorder of deeds and home owners insurance and have discovered their closings cost allegedly were added back into the loan by allegedly adjusting the interest rate higher.

Were sellers fees added to your loan.  Did you pay closing costs and/or VA funding fee in cash and it may have been added back into your loan? 

Use mortgage bank calculator to see if interest is right or if it has fees added from closing cost in it... not only here but in principal and check HUD statements to see if all who have them match exactly...

Was the address and amount of loan altered on numerous documents?

Did title escrow agent date documents next to your name?

Did you note odd looking (C) or C-  on the bottom of documents or odd bold to light print on mortgage documents or the $ dollar sign now appearing as a (5) or appraisal or VA documents showing appliances or features that don't match MLS listing?

Did you note mortgage documents that were altered and with no punctuation at loan servicer or the banks and Title company? That you know you never signed, let alone saw.

Were you given any documents to review before closing or was every thing done over the phone with no personal contact with loan officer?

Were the documents you received from title company normal size documents?

Were the documents from the bank the size of an index card or normal size?

Where you asked to return to title company after closing to bring more money or do more documents? Was it a rush closing? Was closing done less than 30 minutes before title company closed? Was title agent gone only minutes before returning with documents to leave with?  Did you suspect something odd?

Did you get copies of all checks paid in transaction including realtor commission, sellers payoffs, title insurance and taxes?

Did the bank directly pay for home owners insurance and appraisal or was check paid by title company to them? Did you get these copies of the checks paid?                    

Who signed checks Peggy Duvall or Lynn Devine bank employees in the loan department?

Were you referred to use Country Mutual Insurance, Stephen Pirch insurance agent or another agent by lender?

Where you given a low ball quote by insurance agent and later received a bill to pay more money for the insurance after the fact?

Did insurance have an earlier cancellation date than your loan closing.  Insurance allegedly placed on home before closing date?

Did insurance policy number match on bill statements, insurance certificate at lender and at loan servicer?

Whose name besides yours is on insurance certificate?  

Where the documents at Wintrust and the new loan servicer marked "FINAL" but don't match?

How many loan applications are there that have allegedly false information and are signed by Lynn Devine with VA case number and without VA case numbers including VA addendum Information such as HOA dues, property taxes and info pertaining to home you didn't buy devoid of VA case number?  Second loan application with VA case number with elements from the second property including home owners insurance?

Did you put in offers on other properties that you did not buy and got earnest deposit after realtor asked you too.  Did you put in offers on another property and got 2nd earnest deposit and discovered Lynn Devine only had earnest deposit for 1st property in files and two real estate contracts for same property that allegedly was an offer for 1st house that was now allegedly altered to reflect the current home. 

Have you requested a Payment History and an amortization schedule from these banks and the loan servicer?

Have you contacted the Veterans Administration Loan Department to get all documents they have concerning your loan. Including Loan Guarantee Certificate and appraisal and when the COE Certificate Eligibility was ordered and by whom?

Does the VA have documents showing you put money down and another entry showing just closing cost as if a mistake had been made in the VA portal by Lynn Devine.

Did you add the money up that was sent by the bank to cover payoff of seller and what Lynn Devine bank sent and title company states and discover allegedly your closing cost and if paid upfront VA funding fees were used to supplement money that lender never sent in using alleged "you put cash down on VA loan scheme" Fully aware no cash is required but all closing cost must be paid up front in cash.  VA funding fees can be financed only if borrowers agree to do so.  There is a VA form to do this.

Were you offered this form to include VA funding fee in loan YES? or NO? 

Have you contacted Ginnie Mae to see what they have on your loan.

Did you loan servicer ever say you were behind but it was a lie?

Did you ever suspect they received your loan at their bank before you were approved for a loan or closed loan?

Did the lender Lynn Devine state her bank was allegedly loan brokers and sought financing for loans from 3rd parties to sell the loan thru corresponding lending programs.

Did your lender open up an escrow file at an unknown title company weeks ahead of your loan being approved under an old closed file from another transaction from years earlier to receive  
"vapor funds"?

Did you discover the realtor received advance commissions ahead of loan closing and allegedly several  more commissions after closing under old past title file numbers that resemble assigned file number. 

This may help you whether it's any bank or set of loan arrangers.  Do your homework 
check out your own paper work.

Folks are starting to check things more closely... Fortunately President Trump is a friend of the Veterans and just like he took care of the VA hospital these VA mortgage scams will be dealt with as well.  God almighty will see to it in Jesus name.

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.. The Bible

Do your research friends these type of scams cost Veterans Millions of dollars a year.
Also these lenders advertising for VA loans on TV is questionable. 

Some lenders were booted from VA loan program and continued to advertise using military Generals as pitchmen.  Once they do wrong they should not be allowed to even service loans after alleged fraud happened.

 All military Veterans should seek advice to see if this could lead to quiet title to home if proof of fraud. 

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