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                          PRESIDENT TRUMP PRAYER

All believers in Jesus Christ, all who love the Bible and the Word of God, all lovers of democracy, all who love righteousness and truth, all who want to make America better, all who want the laws changed back to honor GOD, all who want America to be governed and ruled by the mighty hand of God, all who want America safe and protected from known and unknown enemies, all who want to stop the slaughter of unborn babies, all who want America to prosper under the hand of God, all who are grateful and blessed, all who have joy in their hearts and are not deceived by media and politicians who are not deceived by the media, all who trust in the Lord God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, all who know the Lords supplies all their needs according to His riches in Glory, All who know who their hope is in Jesus must pray for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Never before in the History of America have there been two men which many voted for been so willing to trust God for decisions.

The smart people are not buying into the media and other loud mouths who have tried to disrespect the office of the President of the United States of America.  President Trump is working hard on the behalf of the American people daily. President Trump has made many unselfish sacrifices concerning time that he could easily spent with his family and friends. President Trump has remained faithful to his promises to the American people.

What we have folks is a demonic filled group of folks that have appeared on the scene including past folks hat were in and around the White House from years earlier and folks in congress and the senate not just DEMONcrats But REPUBOS that want to see someone who is CARRYING OUT THE MANDATE OF GOD to be removed from office so that the can carry out satan's plans destruction of America from within.

How many people do you know can be attacked in the media by known reporters and politicians daily?

President Trump was ordained by GOD to be President and no weapon formed against him will prosper I declare this in heaven and in earth.  He wants to return America back to GOD as it should be.

What you are witnessing is how evil and corrupt things had been for decades in America with those making laws and carrying them out.  President Trump is another David right out of the Bible.  read about David how he was chosen, his deeds and victories.  With President Trump in charge you are seeing just how evil and muddy things were and the cover-ups that are now being exposed in Washington D.C. and else where and strong holds that are now broken and being disassembled. 

David was liked by many women, David was a mighty warrior, David surrounded himself with wise counsel and some not so wise.  David was a man after GOD'S OWN HEART.

Ask yourself how some many in the media can openly lie on a minute by minute basis and not feel they are wrong... When people sell their souls to the devil this happens folks... Yes there are folks who have done this in order to have position, power and a soap box to lie from.

Many believers see the truth and recognize this sin for what it really is another form of witchcraft.

Also look deep into many of these politicians and media folks and see how many men have men for wives or women have women for husbands.  These are the same tribes that don't like TRUMP.  They are the same crowd that are cool with abortion on demand.. Killing babies then are so concerned about little children walking into AMERICA from 3rd world countries.  They are very concerned about families separated at the border but cheer babies being torn from the womb of their mothers at the hand of abortionist..what a separation for life here folks...  WOW..  They have more love for a whale, a tree and a dog than an innocent baby.

They are the same crowd that want illegal drugs into America for a already whack group of folks so weak minded that drink their own urine if they thought it could get them up another notch.

They are the same folks that will hate on Christian schools but are ok with unruly students who are out of control.

They are the same crowd that refused to report on crooked banks who screwed over customers, but kept silent because those same banks allegedly gave them no payback loans to dogg out TRUMP and shut up about other folks  who they know weren't any darn good and destroying America.

Their the same crowd who love to see and talk about homeless folks but do nothing to help them.. There the same crowd who have love for folks coming in here the wrong way and want every provision possible for them even when they boldly carry their countries flag while escaping their homeland.

Trump returned hope to Israel by restoring Jerusalem as the capital and moving our embassy there......Lots of folks played with satan and did other junk like giving billions away to countries who hate America...WOW

TRUMP wants to continue helping folks who have outrageous prison sentences be released and restored.. Lots of minorities benefit here.. Where was the Black Politicians who should be all over this.. but talked bad about TRUMP.. They couldn't do it or chose not to even with a brown skinned President for 8 years ran the White House. Did they do anything left of nothing to help out the Chicago crowd who were slaughtering their own....

Plenty of parties at the White house with big name celebs... Executive orders signed for guys to use women's restroom.  Bailout cash for cheater banks signed thru TARF CASH..

TRUMPS cutting all this money off and he should... We are giving away too much and get nothing in return.

Look at the majority of folks who don't want him in office, What is their heritage which is same religious back ground?  YEP they have become such a viper lot of folks smiling as they tried to stop Judge Cavenaugh going to the Supreme Court... They want nothing good for you or America folks...

Start doing your research and go bank 50 plus years even with Harry Truman and see how many demons came from the pits of hell to attempt to stop him from making progress.

Just a word to President Trump from the folks... some of the bigger banks and these big foundations allegedly behind financing to the limp heads in politics and media to jam you.  Also you may want to look into some of your advisors and Steven Munchin and Wilber Ross... Many recall you at the NY Financial Club meeting the looks on the faces.. DEMONS on the loose there.. Some of these old guys aiding in the decension. 

Did you pick them are were you advised to do so.  Some people know about them and alleged more may be missing than they came in....  You might need to write several DEAR John letters.  Let them GO... 

What is Ben Carson doing at HUD... Also you need someone to look into the Railroad Retirement Board & the cash they want repaid from railroaders... maybe something suspect here

Trump will return Bible to the class room...Praise God... See all the wrong doers towel of babel always fight righteousness and the things that Trump has been mandated  by GOD.

Dr. Perry Stone says it best on TV show Manifest... Trump must be prayed for daily for widsom, demons cast out and angels encamped around him at all times in Jesus name.

How about hosting a Gospel  Music concert at the White House and a prayer team to sanitize the entire place with prayer and blessed oil.. This need to be do also done at the senate and congress buildings,, No demon in hell can stand when this is done.. You want to keep moving on God's Plan President Trump do this get Dr. Bill Winston, Kenneth Copeland, Perry Stone, Tony Evans, John Hagee, and anointed men and women of God to do this... Prayer works in the name of Jesus there is power in his name. 

We put all of us and you and President Trump and Vice President Pence under the mighty anointing and power of the Blood of Jesus Christ


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