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especially when lender commits mortgage fraud with your loan.

Do your research and seek the advice of an "attorney you can trust".....HA HA

Lots of mortgage companies knew that between the lender, the realtor and the title company fraud has occurred in millions of loans. No one wants to believe you sign one loan application and the things grows a million legs like a centipede. Basically the lender works a scheme to steal & embezzle tons of cash from the their own bank or the bank or mortgage company they deal with and assign your "LOANS" to.

Very few get caught unless you know what to look for folks. Title company escrow agents and loan closers are the last set of eyes on your loan documents.

The biggest network of this alleged fraud based on records and lawsuits is Fidelity National Financial & their subsidiary Title companies. They'll do what ever dirty trick there is to lawyer up, lie and protect scammers within their company.

Many of these folks working closing loans also get loans in addition to yours, only thing you never see a dime of the stolen cash. Usually it's not just the title company employee, but the lender who has a network in place to achieve the heist and never get caught. 

Using your loan application and recreating it 2 to 5 more times, changing varying information such as bank balances, credit history, maybe using an address you never lived at, adding homeowners dues to one application and not another, changing the property tax or insurance by a few bucks alters the application as a new one.

Multiple HUD statements you never signed or altered signatures and dates of notary, loan officer or falsified sales contracts beyond what you agreed to pay for a house.  All this goes into the MIXING BOWL OF FRAUD.

God see it All folks....Be bold do something to keep your home and property.

Read other true stories on about this rampant mortgage fraud.  

The authorities are aware of the fraud but are more interested in protecting the fraudsters than helping you.

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