PROJECT13D.COM -  Will media get busted taking Mortgage bribes to lie on Trump?
Response Over whelming
Since the release of Rats the 1st movie to blow the lid off corruption with mortgage fraud, fraudulent foreclosures, alleged bribes, embezzlement and some Johnson County Kansas Judges, doing foreclosures & foreclosure attorneys.
Everyone wants to know who's involved.
They want names, faces & proof of their evil alleged crimes.
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Judges & attorneys take an oath to uphold the law......
RATS reveals how evil men & women motivated by GREED, POWER & CORRUPTION used their authority & position to foreclose on thousand of homeowners using FRAUD as the backdrop.
Chicago Title, Fidelity National Financial, Deutsche Bank, AHMSI would up hold the actions of their employees to allegedly defraud millions of homeowners nationwide.
William P. Foley II & Wilbur Ross jr. made billions allegedly profiting from their greed 
RATS the 1st movie to reveal the real truth in the seedy world of mortgage fraud & fraudulent foreclosures.
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