FOX NEWS 
                          ARE GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF THINGS & FOLKS LOVE IT.....

Tucker Carlson Fox News

                  How many folks are for right on television?

Not many, there's Mark Levine, Tammy Bruce, Watters, Greg Gutfield, and a small group of drop in news contributors that want truth and transparency.

The number is going down of people you can trust that have a moral code of speaking truth.

For instance there is a older gentleman on Fox News that was contacted about the voter fraud scam that has unfolded.
They claim to be a friend of President Trump but never said anything to him about it...

So as of now this guy can't be trusted either.

What you'll find folks, is these false faces only want to be friends or have access to the President allegedly to sell books or to boost ratings of their television shows.

They are not the patriots they claim to be.

Folks are watching lots of things on news shows including Fox News...

One thing is there are not enough shows anchored by minority men and women other than peek a boo guest appearances when there's a shooting involving a minority or some foolishness that they want to bring them in for a fast comment.

Ms. Harris rarely takes a real stand on anything and is allegedly pushing vaccines lots of folks talking about this.

Folks also don't dig Chris Wallace either when it come down to it 
folks are watching whose pushing the bull about vaccines with the fake doctors that have no credibility that are drinking from the "Bill Gates manure pool".

There are folks that know whats going on in the communities and have real solutions for problems based on the word of God.

The other TV networks have minorities that are totally sold out for telling quick "A" lies to the masses of folks getting them to believe junk that destroys the soul and the minds of the folks that listen to them.

Sean Hannity used to be a favorite to watch for millions but has lost his luster.  He's also gung-ho about vaccines.

Folks have figured out who takes flu shots based on their yeppee attitude and belief in science over GOD & Jesus & the Bible
Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingram have questioned everything from the shut downs behind Covid 19 to the Vaccines & Hydroclorquine
working to neutralize Corona Virus. They know it works but it doesn't fit into the narrative of the lying crowd.

Tucker and Laura how about doing this research for your millions of viewers.......

Research Alere Inc. and the "Point of Care Tester" that Bill Gates bought for 43 million dollars based on Security Exchange Records in 2013 while Point of Care allegedly in lawsuit for giving false positives & why San Diego California  whistle blower Angela Wu refused to certify Point of Care tester. 

Research what was Health & Human Services role in the lawsuit behind tester allegedly a piece of junk? The same Health & Human Services umbrella organization that Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIH, CDC, FDA & Alex Azar work under & when did they know about the same alleged virus tester now being used for Corona Virus test. 

Then research Dr. Anthony Fauci & Dr. Deborah Birx and her use of the "Point of Care Tester" in Africa under the Obama Administration for HIV, Denunge Fever, A& B Influenza & Strep & Malaria period.

Research Alere Inc. Point of Care patent in 1999.

Research Bill Gates purchase of 19 million shares of Abbott Labs stocks and Abbott Labs purchasing Alere Inc. in 2018 after lawsuit settled.

Research Abbott Labs using the same tester Point of Care allegedly from 1999 that allegedly gave false positives that has been now renamed "ID NOW" by Abbott Labs.

Research why "Mr. We Can't Go back to Normal Bill Gates" allegedly still owns the virus tester that the Trump Administration allegedly bought millions of units of these allegedly fake testers to use nationwide from Abbott Labs.

Research why wasn't it even questioned how a tester could show up like a "Trogean Horse" after Corona Virus appeared as President Trump Called the "Invisible Enemy" never seen before.

Research the connection between John Hopkins Pandemic Scenerio, and the doom charts that Andrew Cuomo was chosen to show doom daily for months.

Research agreements between John Hopkins & Health & Human Services & Nursing Homes allegedly pulling funding for Nursing Homes that wouldn't lie about all patients that expired had COVID19 & alleged mandated flu shots from CDC in 2005 for nursing home residents.

Be Bold and have Robert Kennedy Jr. an expect in Vaccines and the Harm they cause especially this Covid Vaccine.

Be Bold & have Dr. Rashid Buttar on about the Covid Vaccine.

Be Bold & ask were any of the Covid Vaccine trials used on anyone that actually had the corona virus or any one that had health issues or just folks that had perfect health?

Ask what are vaccine courts and can someone who suffers harm or sterilization where they can't have children be compensated from government or vaccine drug manufactures?

Ask why are there so many Vaccines for the same virus?

Ask why if you google Bill Gates & Bohemian Grove a web site shows Bill Gates from 1997 with a picture of the Corona Virus on his head??

Why was Dr. Fauci invited to Obama last state dinner at the WhiteHouse that was in Time Magazine?

Bill Gates agenda is over and all who are in with him shall be delivered from evil in Jesus name.

We the people of the most high God under the Blood of Jesus declare and decree no weapon formed against the people of God will prosper in the name of Jesus, the Father, & the Holy Spirit.

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