There's a lot of crazy things happening everyday with congress,  TV, the businesses, social media, people and multiple lies told daily to keep you all stirred up.

Your mental status is very important and your health. 

Learn to smile & laugh more and exercise. 

Get into your Bible daily and read for 10-20 minutes a day & at bedtime. 

Teach your children & family the word of God. Set aside a time daily to have prayer with your family. Your home will be blessed.

Be thankful and tell Jesus & the Holy Spirit you are thankful for all they have done for you, keeping you safe, with provision, healthy and in your right mind. 

When the praises go up the blessings come down.

See what God & the Holy Spirit will tell you through the word of God. 

Eat healthy fruits & green vegetables,
take vitamins and drink plenty of water & avoid lots of soda, liquor, cigarettes, multiple cups of coffee 1-2 is ok.

Learn to cook, if you don't know how learn.

Visit with people you care about in person or by phone. Make new friends.

Be thrifty with your money & spending habits and save money by going to thrift stores or buying items on sale.

Become a tither to your church, a ministry or a organization that advances the kingdom of God & the Bible. ( this is not a secular group as some folks give to save the whales, or a hospital or dog shelters, red cross ect.)  

Put it into the kingdom of God first. Then out of your 90 percent give to the other causes not your (first fruits tithes friends). 

God has an obligation to protected your tithe and give increase if you do it right. Many give to these causes by- passing the church & they see no harvest on this money. 

When you do this the Lord always supplies all your needs in his riches in glory. 10 percent of your income is the tithe & belongs to God. 

When you do this God will bless the 90 percent left with supernatural increase and you'll never be in lack. Trust God, he will keep his word friends.

Find a church that is actually open that is teaching the REAL BIBLE, no fluff stuff. 

Start going & become part of the church  and then go out and tell others about the good news of Jesus Christ friends.

Help others who need help. This could be paying a bill for someone who is struggling financially. 

Buying groceries or supplies for someone in need. Helping them solve a problem.

Baby sitting their children to help them out. Helping them clean their home or fixing their car.

Praying with them about a situation where they need God to come thru for healing, a new job, their marriage or finances. 

Maybe you are in need and want God to bless you... He will, Trust in him & ask God to send someone to help you.

God is an ever present help in times of trouble.

There's a lot of negative things going on. Be well informed! Ask the Holy Spirit for decernment & wisdom about what you read, listen to and all activities you engage in. 

Listen to upbeat gospel music & songs that bring joy peace & shift the atmosphere to positive.

At bedtime go to sleep with Bible preaching or gospel music on. Your mood and attitude will be better the next day and you will feel well rested.

Avoid arguments your never too big to say your sorry.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries on youtube has healing scriptures you can use for any sickness in your body to be healed. 

Don't agree with any bad reports. Say:By His stripes I am healed in Jesus name.

Repent of any sin to God, he is quick to forgive all who ask him. Sometimes un-forgiveness will hinder your healing & progress.

*Avoid temptation to get tested for Covid or take any vaccines or flu shots during this season. You are well, you are healed, you are whole & healthy. 

Do not let fear guide you to something you will regret because someone told you to do this on your job, school, or an entity that has an agenda.

Ask for the mind of Jesus Christ & that angels surround you daily & your friends, family & your city.

Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & savior to assure your place in heaven, its just that simple friends.

All is well with your soul friends
Be Blessed in Jesus name

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