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Oh yes Judge Forsyth had the loans with James B Nutter & other companies.  Now the recorder of deeds show only 1 loan from Mellon in 1997.  Where's the docs guys? Here's a copy of one of JBN loans to the judge.
Recently our sources have revealed that mortgage loan documents for Probate Judge Kathleen Forsyth have allegedly disappeared from the recorder of deeds office records.  It was reported by our sources that Forsythe had multiple loans back to back from James B. Nutter. Allegedly, Borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years from Nutter. Nearly 1 million dollars  on the same home repeatedly, then the loan was quickly paid off, then the borrowing starts over. Several people have seen those documents and will be posting them on various blogs to validate this information.  If this is happening at recorder of deeds office something is very sinister 
Several people that are also aware of this questioned if the loans were every paid back. or were they merely a form of payment for services rendered for doing what people may want because of the massive amount of millions of dollars that come through probate along with property that certain people want to possess and the only way to do this is have it sit in probate then pass it off later and then do what they want with it. 
This would also reveal as our source say something more sinister to why this was done.  On project 13d there were reports of some interesting transactions concerning Forsyth over the years concerning probate properties and estates. Currently documents show only one mortgage loan dating back to 1997.  Based on records seen this is absolutely bogus. 
There were many transactions with James B. Nutter a well known mortgage broker and a person that allegedly has been known to hand pick those he wanted to hold key positions in government from city, county, school board, congress and even the white  house.  This may also account why many parcels go under the (situs address) and disappear while they have been on the land trust list secretly awaiting money to come in for development in areas where CDC's are funded by eager congress folks on committees for urban development. Allegedly former Senator Kit Bond was very generous while on committees funding CDC's now others have taken his place.
Allegedly this has been going on for some time and no one has caught on to this scheme.     Forsyth was appointed by Matt Blunt to be a probate judge several years ago.  She had also worked at the Langworthy law firm as an attorney.  Our sources alleged there were several clients that feel they were charged way too much for her services for probate cases that she handled. 
Several sources stated Forsyth persuaded clients to turn over homes to probate or see their loved ones go to nursing homes. Some of these homes were allegedly sold by another  associate of Nutter who operated a reality company.
Based on several accounts of information the sources have gathered this appears that someone at the recorder of deeds has been instructed to remove information on purpose to hide this relationship of Judge Forsyth and James B Nutter.

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The camera's are rolling 2012
Deception Whose Allegedly Behind The Mortgage Crash....
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