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                                                WHAT'S UP WITH NANCY PELOSI???




              Some how folks are starting to put on their thinking caps and are coming out of the fog.  
                                                America ask yourself these questions?

1. Why was border security a great idea a few years ago before the last presidential election for Ms.          Pelosi and others who think like her?

2. Why is it now a bad idea after the election and beyond?

3. Why would they let a few billion dollars stand in the way of the American workers not being paid?

4. When has the welfare of others preside of the American people?

5. Has anyone said folks can't come into the United States and do what millions have done legally to        be here and become a citizen.

6.  Why are people running away from their homeland instead of staying and making change like               others have done? Where are the parents of these folks flee their country.

7.  Is there a plan to bring in enough folks to eventually take over the United States?

8. How much cash has been given to these countries who treat their people bad?

9.  Yes these people do need help.... But done the correct way...

10. Is there a place that U.S. owns outside the country like closed military bases that can house these 
      people so they can be checked out, given medical attention, see skill levels and motives for 
      wanting to come to America.  The Bible had sanctuary cities but they were used to hold people              who had committed a crime until their trial came up. These sanctuary cities of today are just the            opposite.

11.  What would be the deal if these people could be there for a while until they had a mandatory                 requirement to go thru the steps to become a citizen not only them but folks who boldly come in             thru the international airports from all over the world and then hide out in America overstaying               their visa intentionally. They blend in never to return back to where they came from even                       assuming fake idenitiy or marring Americans for a minute to gain residency in America.

12.  Folks in charge need to again look at whose in America and what are they doing to raise up the             standards or bring them down.

13.  Amazing how many politician in charge are ok with killing babies thru abortion.. look at New York      and their Governor Cumou passing a law for this and they were all cheering that voted for this insane    law. Yet these same politicians are so so concerned about little kids and parents coming from                thousands of miles away to America and want only "safe passage" for them but allow and up hold        laws to kill unborn children who should have "safe passage" in their own mothers.

14.  How many demons are loose in America?  How many have no love for God, Jesus and the Bible?

15.   America is seeing the manifestation of sin and evil. America has always been ready to go to war            over the years in the middle east and other places.  How come the politicos in D.C. have avoided          helping these folks who flee their country and chase out the bad guys..HUH

16.  Folks pick up the BIBLE and start seeing the truth about whats going on in America and world               wide. Lots of bad folks call the shots but will be dealt with by the mighty hand of GOD soon.

       Cry out to God and the Holy Spirit for WISDOM teach your children this.. discuss it everywhere.             Many Churches aren't doing the job because of fear and politics... 
       Pray for leaders hearts to change now... Hell is a real place and open to all who fall and refuse to           repent in Jesus name.  Don't believe everything on TV or in media... Think Question and ask God         for Wisdom and decernment daily in Jesus name.

Wanna break the chains of evil.... Prayer fasting and the Jericho Walk... Folks can send in prayer teams to where ever things need to be fixed, changed and sactified this could include walking around buildings offices of those who decide things are have off course thinking and not yielding to the word of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. There's a song by the Great Tasha Cobbs "Break Every Chain"
get this in your spirit.  another song "Way Maker" and  William Murphy The Lord Is My Light & Salvation Whom Should I Fear Whom Should I be Afraid I will Trust in You" and  Todd Delaney "When I Call Your Name King Jesus Everything Has To Change" it works...

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