PROJECT13D.COM - Will crook media get busted?
PROJECT13D.COM -  Will media get busted taking Mortgage bribes to lie on Trump?

Why has it gone unnoticed that the Media 

is still trying to screw over Donald Trump 

even after he became the President Elect?

   NEW BOOK TRASH TALK LIES & BRIBES (c)          2017

The alleged Facts are numerous news paper reporters, TV reporters and journalist were allegedly paid to go after Donald Trump.  As you have seen numerous stories on Project and our radio show that we explore and expose numerous cases of mortgage fraud.  

Many folks became highly suspicious at the number of crooked media along with numerous politicians that became venomous against Donald Trump and others trying to help him.

Because of this you didn't have to look to far to see BIG MONEY was involved in this "FAKE NEWS SCAM".

A new book has been written exposing the names of numerous reporters and politicians that some how "GOT THE HOOK UP" in the form of a mortgage loan.

These loans are as small as $50,000 up to mega millions depending on the weight and position of the fools dishing the dirt.

The list of reporters that were in meetings with Ms. Clinton Operatives running her campaign only strengthened this "shocking and dishonest revelation".

Basically the mortgage loans were discovered before the special meetings list was revealed.  Again there are a lot of "dishonest sons of darkness" reporting FAKE NEWS as Donald Trump said.  

The book reveals how far these crabs went to lie even bringing in vixens young and old to say Trump made a play for them or said something eye popping.  Several of these damsels in distress allegedly also got some "fat butt mortgage loans" to allegedly come forth on Trump.

Many folks have reviewed this information and believe this was one of the worst evils
seen in a long time.  What many folks who have looked at this believe that there is a "nasty core of evil that is satanic that brought these people together to do this".

Many folks at first found it amazing that many folks that Americans trust and count on would be involved in such a RICO style Crime. 

Many folks also believe that many of these mortgage loans and refinance deals may have yielded real cash disguised as loans. 

Three major banks names appear on the mortgage documents along with a major title company  and their subsidiaries who we have reported on as corrupt on Project

Another surprise is it appears that allegedly some of FOX NEWS reporters and guest commentators  like Doug Shoen, Guttfield , Cavuto and Goolsby may have also allegedly cashed in too. 

MSNBC, CNN, New York Times and several folks on the invite list allegedly got the hook up. "Even the Scream Dean" may have been given something via a relative to go psycho.

The book also has some surprises with the many of the Republicans that came out against TRUMP "OH MY"!

Will the media get busted for taking alleged bribes allegedly disguised as mortgage loans.   This is the new form of payment folks gone is the greasy bag of cottage cash in with mortgage loan and refinance scam to get dirty work done.  

This is another reason these sons of darkness refuse to report on mortgage fraud that has ripped homes from good honest Americans nationwide.  They are allegedly a part of this fraud.

Friends we must be in prayer for Mr. Trump and the new cabinet and our nation as a whole. God is aware of this scam and it is being exposed.  God and the Holy Spirit will reveal their spirit to those with wisdom.

More details to come about this amazing book Trash Talk Lies & Bribes (c) 2017.

Blessing to you and keep it real.

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